This is Not Your World: An Essay in Two Parts

I. I’ve been reading a lot of critic Susan Sontag’s early essays of late. I’ve been motivated by a desire to have my own approach to criticism influenced more by that of other critics, and I’ve been influenced heavily in the way Sontag takes a work of art at face value. Explicit in her essays from the late ’60s, “Against Interpretation” and “On Style,” and implicit in the rest of her writing, is this refusal to separate an artwork’s “form” from its “content.” That is, she refuses to separate an artwork into what it “is” (a canvas, brushstrokes, colors, frame),


Complex takes a look at the best videogame remakes made with the design tools in LittleBigPlanet2 and then interviews Martin Lynagh, Media Molecule producer.

A Sackboy Christmas

The fine folks at PlayStation sent us over a bunch of access codes for the Little Big Planet 2 Beta. This is your chance to win one!