Unwinnable Monthly – October 2017

The October issue of Unwinnable Monthly is out now! Whatever could be inside?

Cargo Cult Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Andromeda was one of the most painfully boring games I’ve ever played. And now it’s dead.

A figure in space armor looks out over a destroyed world as a large plume of smoke rises out.

How Many Fetches to Andromeda’s Emotional Core?

Movie Night is beautiful because it makes good everything good about Mass Effect. In a way, it’s the most Mass Effect mission.

The cast members of the game Mass Effect Andromeda gathering together on a couch.

Bad Games Are Good For No One

Dumping on a game, even a bad one, says more about our own insecurities than the quality of the game itself.

It’s Time to Talk About Videogame Length and Prices

“Some of my favorite games are also some of the shortest in length and content, but they are every bit as worthwhile as titles like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim.”

Subtraction By Addition: Why More Isn’t Always Better

Ron Popeil was wrong, people don’t always want more.