Burnt Offering – Unpopular Opinions

All my unpopular opinions, gathered in one convenient place.

Queers in Love Reminds Us to Live and Love

In ten seconds, Queers In Love At The End of the World captures the transcendent power of love with greater success than most big budget titles.

Gone Gnome

I have felt love in a game, but not with a woman, or man, or anthropomorphized robot. Instead, it was in the silent garden gnome of Half Life 2: Episode Two.

Love Issue – Theme Recap

September was Unwinnable’s month of love.

Brief Encounter

If Brief Encounter does hold up, it’s probably because stories of love found at the wrong place and time are uniquely heartbreaking.

I Love Leia

“The princess was my first real encounter with a strong female character. She was a diplomat, a rebel, a leader and an all around hero.”