Disengage the Simulator

David gets post-modern as he wrestles with the idea of being a video game. You are tearing me apart, Elon!

An Open Field

“Even if we had another chance, another life to live, we would make mistakes again. Maybe the same ones.” Ansh Patel discusses physical and virtual death.

Pick Up Anything of Use

THE ADVENTURE GAME IS NO LONGER RELEVANT, they scream, eyes flecked with the righteousness of the lifelong gamesman. THE CONTROL METHOD IS FRUSTRATING, the INPUTS UNSATISFYING. What are these, PUZZLES?! Oh, DECISIONS?! Where is the smoothness of play? The feeling of control? Why is it that we must combine this and that to make a conversation come to life? Why must I stumble from screen to screen like this? I am the hero. Why is everything so difficult? Everything in it is difficult they say. Everything in it  is difficult.

Life and the Kobayashi Maru

Kevin Raineri learns that Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler is more than just a catchy song – it’s good advice.