The Comforts of Playing With Food in Nour

One food I grew to love during my childhood is actually broccoli — not because of how it tastes, mind you, but because of its endless possibilities for play.

A bowl of 3D ramen.

and then we held hands is a Game of Discomfort

There’s a fine balance at work in …and then we held hands, and you must take care of yourself before you can help your partner.

a series of things that at first glance look like doves, but on closer appraisal appear to be made of tiny hands. This is the cover art for and then we held hands.

Kodama: The Tree Spirits Puts Nature Before Rules

Kodama: The Tree Spirits is a game about growing trees. In nature, trees to not follow a blueprint or a predetermined path; they grow how they please, their branches forming a unique natural fingerprint. Like snowflakes or people, no two are exactly alike, which makes building a board game about growing trees tricky. Games have structure and rules, a literal book that tells you how to play. Nature and games are seemingly at odds, but Kodama manages to pull off a well-balanced game about growing trees while capturing the free-form, aimless beauty of nature. In Kodama, players aim to please the titular

Kodama: The Tree Spirits cover art with some soft creatures with long arms and happy faces peering around trees.

Rail Theory Stops You From Feeling Heroic

Rail Theory, an upcoming survival horror videogame, feels like the sequel Dead Space 3 could have been.

A bright blue demonic figure standing next to a burst of blue light with a wooden cabin in the background.

By Order of the Queen: An Order of Frustration

I have no inherent dislike for small amounts of luck in board games, but when a lengthy game comes down to a single dice roll, it can feel like a huge middle finger when you fail.

A table top all set up with the board game By Order of the Queen.

Fight Knight Embraces Repetition

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a knight in shining armor.