Backlog – Summer Doldrums

Even the backlog needs a summer vacation.

Uniwnnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 52 – Getting Sweaty on Twitch

This week on Unlistenable, Josh Doan of the Josh and Jay show Featuring Rowan Kaiser is the guest! Be sure to catch our live recordings!

Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 50

Some milestones are reached with celebration, some are just reached. Enjoy ourĀ 50th episode.

The Jostle Letters

Hi Pippin, Congratulations on Jostle Bastard! I am keen to see what folks think of it, not only because it is great fun, but also because you’ve given us such a deep look into its development by sharing your notebook, diary entries and so many production builds of the game. The only thing that is missing is something you and I have frequently discussed over the course of the year: the role of satire in Jostle Bastard. I think this is particularly interesting because I don’t see much satire in videogames. Or, at least, not good satire. Grand Theft Auto


A bad illness in real life has left Stu Horvath wondering why he never feels anything but healthy in videogames.

Memories of Memories

George Weidman questions the universality of nostalgia-driven pop culture.