2017’s It Isn’t Scary, It’s Frightening

It’s strangest quality as a film is that it’s a horror movie that is simply not very scary. While the line between scary and not is porous, subjective, and obtuse, it’s up to a movie to either define its terms or define itself in relation to existing ones.

Red lips in a white face with a ruffle behind, a red balloon partially consider the face. This is a still of Pennywise from It.

Happiness Volume 2, “A Lovely Monstrosity”

“The horrors in Happiness accumulate slowly…”

The Cinematography of Horror Games

“The fact that no one clear camera solution exists means that the horror genre serves as a playground for video game cinematography.”

They Could be Monsters, For All You Know

Scores of neighborhood children circle an object on their bikes in the late afternoon sun, chanting as they pelt it with rocks and sticks. When they scatter and dart past you, their grins seem impossibly thin and wide. Were those extra teeth?

The Monster in the Basement

Never turn your back to the hole by the furnace.

If You’re Not Watching Ash vs Evil Dead, You’re Doing It Wrong

Ash is still a doofus, still has a boomstick and a chainsaw hand, and there’s still enough blood to make Carrie blush. And it still rules.