Burnt Offering – When the Void Looks Back

If the cosmic gods of horror are utterly indifferent to mankind, why do human cultists worship them?

The Best Comics of 2016

Team Unwinnable’s got the best comics of 2016 right here for you. It was a weird and wonderful year in the land of four colors.

Last Week’s Comics 9/21/2016

Team Unwinnable reviews this week’s Hellboy and the BPRD 1954: Black Sun # 1 and last week’s All Star Batman # 2.

Last Week’s Comics 4/26/2016

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on this week’s The Doorman # 2, Conan the Avenger # 25, last week’s 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank # 1 and James Bond # 6.

The Best Comics of 2015

From samurai to tattoos to brimping, Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on their favorite comics of the year.

(Not Quite) Last Week’s Comics 7/29/2015

We interrupt this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics with an advance review of Hellboy In Hell #7.