Unwinnable Monthly – The Rebellion Issue

Now is the perfect time for a magazine dedicated to rebellion.

Killing the Worm

It happened beneath a castle. Dozens of miles underground, sheltered from the wintry wastes of the forgotten surface, in the world of Arx Fatalis. Sprinting past humanoid rats stabbing at me with rusted knives, I make my way through dark tunnels encrusted with car-sized Venus flytraps and hanging cocoons pregnant with God-knows-what. I light a torch, checking my paper map to note that I’ve entered a maze of narrow tunnels, pitch with darkness and inebriating in déjà vu. Ahead of me, a shaft narrows and turns from black to red. A slick wallpaper of human organs cakes the entrance, wet

Dilbert and Harry Potter: Fugitives From the Now

Daniel Kibblesmith makes it weird with Harry Potter. And Dilbert.

Hedwig and the Angsty Witch

Jill Scharr writes about growing up with Harry Potter, her attachment to the characters and her dangerous brush with the world of fan fiction.

Getting To Know You

Richard Clark investigates the strong emotional bond between players and game characters.

Pottermore: Back to Hogwarts!

Heather Sedlak dons her wizard robe as she reviews J.K. Rowling’s new Pottermore website.