The Daily Chthonicle: A Letter to the (Next) Editor

Driven insane by the unspellcheckable Lovecraftian horror of it all.

Have You Seen the Yellow Sign?

In 1938, Raymond Chandler published a short detective story called “The King in Yellow.” It takes its name from the victim, a musician named King Leopardi. When the hotel dick, Steve Grayce, finds the man shot to death in his bed, clothed in yellow silk pajamas, he remarks, “The King in Yellow. I read a book with that title once.”

Sins of the Father

Stu Horvath ponders H.P. Lovecraft, sex and The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

The Rules of the Game

The best rules are the ones you can ignore.

Shelf Space

It is a fact that Stu Horvath has too many books. Something needs to be done.

The Great Silence of Space

When Stu Horvath looks at the night sky, he only sees constellations.