E3 Needs a Reboot

This game industry is overly commercial, too violent and, worst of all, boring. Gus Mastrapa wants a reboot.

Monday Moaning 2/14/2011

Unwinnable looks at the death of Guitar Hero and MTV Games. We wonder what the fate of the rhythm game will be. Can Harmonix and Rock Band save it?

Twisted Carols for Christmas Shenanigans

Ken Lucas looks back at 10 years of Christmas mixes, makes this year’s one Twisted Christmas.

Rock Band Gets in the Van

Dave Trainer gets the band back together.

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString Might Change the Guitar Game.

People that play Guitar Hero and Rock Band should naturally progress into something more elaborate and take it to the next level. That next level is possibly Power Gig: Rise of the Six String.

Activision Uber Alles

Stu Horvath infiltrates the Activision preview event at E3