A Normal Lost Phone: Learning About Identity Through Objects

“You have just found a phone. Find out the truth.”

Virginia Is a Game, But Should It Be?

Bickering about whether something is or isn’t a videogame is boring. Let’s talk about whether it should be a videogame.

Is That Dragon, Cancer Really a Videogame?

The old question, “Is it really a video game?” rears it’s beastly head yet again with That Dragon, Cancer

Verse and Controller

J. Stephen Addcox examines the importance of poetry in videogames like Gone Home, Ni No Kuni, Skyrim and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

It Belongs In A Museum!

Steve Haske talks with Jacob McMurray, senior curator of the new Indie Game Revolution exhibit at Seattle’s EMP Museum.

Unwinnable Weekly Issue Two

Unwinnable Weekly Issue Two is out now! Find out what’s inside.