A Diary from PAX Australia, Part Three: Hand of Fate 2

A look at what’s new in the deck-building action game Hand of Fate 2.

Strahd vs. Nyarlathotep

Who would win in a fight?

Eye of the Beerholder Episode 9 – Too Much Hook Horror Business

Ever wonder why mummies are tied to the Positive Energy Plain? Plus, Dungeons & Dragons and the Satanic Panic of the 1980s.

Eye of the Beerholder Episode 8 – First Level Co-Hosts

The gang defeats of one of Stu’s biggest D&D villains and there is much rejoicing!

HUD: Iowa Caucus, The Worst Roleplaying Game You’ll Ever Play

Turns out the Iowa Caucus is a lot like a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. A really bad campaign, but a campaign nonetheless. Andrea Ayres teaches us how to play.

Eye of the Beerholder Episode 7 – Eye of the Breathalyzer

D&D lessons: Never give the party a vorpal blade and never, ever give a room full of drunk people a recreational breathalyzer.