Unwinnable Listens to the Best Music of 2016 – Part One

Week One is over. We’ve suffered no casualties. 2017 is a miracle.

The Best Games of 2016

And the game of the year is…

Dead-End Narrative

“In a world full of challenges, when our lives are defined by one obstacle after another, violence is a dead-end narrative.”

DOOM’s Credits: A Cut Above the Rest

DOOM knows hot to keep you glued to your seat, even after the game’s over.

Doom credits Feature Image

Lost Worlds: A.L.T.

Somewhere lost in a subworld of a subworld, a strange little bastard child of a game exists called A.L.T., a Doom II mod released in 2012 by a group of Russian modders known as Clan [B0S]. A.L.T. begins with the peculiar sight of a bloodied Doom marine in front of a door, frozen in the middle of a dying animation. A whole 30 maps later it ends with the player coming back out the other side of that door as that marine and dying. But here, in our pre-awakened state, moving causes you to abruptly take damage, and turning around

Gaming Grammatically

Brendan Keogh teaches us about the language of videogames.