Last Week’s Comics: All American Edition

Mike Edwards shares his thoughts on Peter Bagge’s Founding Fathers Funnies.

Last Week’s Comics 10/22/2014

Ian Gonzales flies solo today with his review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #8 and Unity #0 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.

Last Week’s Comics 8/27/14

Ian Gonzales tackles Pop #1, Michael Edwards finds an old friend with Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1 and Jill Scharr looks at The Fade Out #1.

Hellboy and the Right Hook of Doom

The first time I came across Hellboy was after a particularly nasty winter storm on a Saturday afternoon  in February of 1994. The New York Comic Book Spectacular was being held at at the Javitz Center despite the cruddy weather. Dark Horse Comics was showing off their Legend imprint. Legend was an umbrella for creator owned comics that featured Frank Miller’s Sin City, Miller and Dave Gibbon’s Martha Washington Goes to War, John Byrne’s Next Men, Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, and the debut of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. See, I went to the show to get John Byrne to sign some X-Men

The All New, All Different Last Week’s Comics 8/7/2013

Ian Gonzales reviews Optic Nerve #13 and BPRD: Vampire #5, and guest reviewer Sal Lucci reviews Planet of the Apes: Spectacular and Batman Incorporated #13 in this week’s edition of the All New, All Different Last Week’s Comics.

Unsung Myths

Michael Edwards explores the impact of Conan the Barbarian author Robert E. Howard on the beginnings of the dark fantasy genre.