Cargo Cult Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Andromeda was one of the most painfully boring games I’ve ever played. And now it’s dead.

A figure in space armor looks out over a destroyed world as a large plume of smoke rises out.

A Ship of Broken Jedi

“Every other character who can actually see the Force describes the player as a walking emptiness.” John Wm. Thompson on KOTOR2’s oddness and arguable success.

The Most Difficult Fight in Mass Effect 3

Rowan Kaiser hones in on the level design techniques that make the Atrium of Grissom Academy such a bad place to have a firefight.

The Biggest Choice You’ll Never Make

The following is a reprint from Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-Seven. If you enjoy what you read, please consider purchasing the issue or subscribing. ——— The modern BioWare phenomenon begins with a choice. Part of the way through the first Mass Effect game (released in 2007), you and your party land on a planet called Virmire and you’re tossed into a big action sequence. At its climax, two of your party members leave to do two different things, something goes wrong and you have a choice: save Kaiden, or save Ashley? One lives. One dies. That’s not how big-budget games were supposed to

Finding Cullen

Joe DeMartino looks at how EA took a Dragon Age extra and turned him into a fan favorite.

View From the Side

Mark Filipowich explores the protagonist/sidekick dynamic in videogames.