A Day in the Life of Batman: Arkham City Reviewed

George Collazo looks at Batman: Arkham City and sees a perfect Batman videogame.

Coffee Break, Born on a Monday

Making his lair in Iceberg Lounge, the Penguin of Batman: Arkham City has plenty of henchmen and one big surprise waiting for the Caped Crusader…

Arkham City Penguin

Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Details (You Guessed It) Leaked.

Warner Bros. Batman: Arkham City is going to be awesome. The Collector’s Edition looks to be fun, just a little less utilitarian.

Eb’s Five Best Gaming Moments of E3 2011

Ebenezer Samuel looks at his favorite videogame moments of E3 2011: Final Fantasty XIII-2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Batman: Arkham City and Ninja Gaiden III.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Chuck’s Five Best Gaming Moments of E3 2011

With his first E3 under his belt, Chuck looks at his five favorite gaming moments: Skulls of the Shogun, Batman: Arkham City, Tomb Raider, El Shaddai and Payday: The Heist.

All In – Batman: Arkham City Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham City has been released. Unwinnable is excited, in spite of itself.

Arkham City