Talking is Harmful

In a kind of post script to his book, Killing is Harmless, Brendan Keogh comes face to face with Spec Ops: The Line writer Walt Williams.

Rookie of the Year: I Am a Deadbeat Gamer

The Rookie of the Year has been playing a lot of videogames. And not finishing them.

Fake Plastic Streets

Jay Pullman takes a drive down the unreal streets of Driver‘s San Francisco.

The Hardest Working Man in Virtual Showbiz – An Interview with Darren Korb

George Collazo talks with musician and sound designer Darren Korb about his work on the Bastion soundtrack and his upcoming musical, Marry Me!

Darren Korb

Bastion of the Future: Greg Kasavin Interviewed

Greg Kasavin, creative director at Supergiant Games and writer of Bastion, talks about the shape of the industry, digital distribution and the future of the video game as art.


Rookie of the Year: The Voice of God

Matt Marrone is enjoying Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade title Bastion – leftover Microsoft Points, disappointing voiceover and all.