Serial Experiments Lain, “Listening To The Suicidal Tendencies”

“What swayed me was how well Lain conveyed the emotions that are attendant with and eventually lead to suicide.”

Akira or, “The Powers That Be”

In Akira, politics only yield destruction.

Consentacle: Tangles with Romance

Naomi Clark’s two-player card game about a curious human romantically engaging with a tentacled alien

Makoto Shinkai: An Auteur’s Evolution

Makoto Shinkai’s got a new film – somehow with a longer title than the last one – and Unwinnable’s got the goods on it!

Fall 2011 Anime Preview

Brian Miller looks at the next season’s upcoming animated shows from Japan.

Enlightenment By Epic

Dan Imperiale is burning sutras and killing the Buddha in his review of Osamu Tezuka’s anime Buddha: The Great Departure.

Buddha: The Great Adventure