Neon Maniacs is the Dreamiest of Slashers

Despite all of this it’s criminally underdeveloped and frankly, a must see. So few 80’s slashers manage to be any good, and this one somehow stumbles into genius simply by being unfinished.

A "teenage" boy and girl lie on each other, as if caught mid make out. This is a still from the film Neon Maniacs.

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Phantom Politics

“There is no absolute ‘us’ versus ‘them’ in Metal Gear; alliances and loyalties shift within the franchise.” Katriel Paige explores political allegiance in MGS V.

Running on Broken Glass

Metal Gear Solid V sabotages its own depth by playing everything straight, by presenting real world horror alongside events that are completely ridiculous.”

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Cara Ellison introduces the neon-soaked ultraviolence of Hotline Miami.