Queen Without a Throne

Do we really expect the show to make a meaningful statement about the tenuous grip Westerosi women have on power?

Yes, Cersei’s decisions are usually ill-conceived and ineffective. Yes, she is selfish and prideful and vindictive. Yes, she is consistently depicted as one of the show’s main antagonists. That doesn’t change the realities of the political landscape Cersei occupies, or the misogyny that consistently tries to disempower her.

Relational Quantum Mechanics and Game of Thrones

As a defender of criticism and a writer, one is perpetually thinking about story ideas. This affliction gets especially dangerous when it is paired with an idealist outlook.

Jordan Young shows you how problematic it is to be an overconfident writer who thinks entirely too much.

Game of Thrones is a Call to Arms

“If the show is good, I think the audience will find it,” says Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones. “It might take a while. It’s a series you have to invest in.”

Will HBO series Game of Thrones be the death of genre TV or its rebirth? Show runner David Benioff and series villain Nicolaj Coster-Waldau comment on the show.