Cartography is Hollow Knight’s Greatest Reward

Hollow Knight is chock full of powerful character upgrades and incredible settings and fun characters, but the true reward is exploration.

A white faced creature with large black eyes and white horns, set into a grey painted sky. This is a promotional image for the game Hollow Night

Dungeon Master: In Defense of Railroading

Railroading can take freedom away from the players, but it can also be a valuable tool for a newer Dungeon Master such as myself.

a woman with a staff stands in front of a large green dragon, a man with a shield at her side. This is a promotional image from Dungeons and Dragons.

Broforce Doesn’t Know If It Wants to Be Mindless or Smart

Broforce is not a poorly-made game. It’s an imperceptive one.

Lit in the orange glow of an explosion, several pixelated action heroes with guns are shown in a heroic pose. This is a promotional image for the game Broforce.

Spider-Man in Arkham New York City

In a way, it seems fitting that Spider-Man would find himself Batman-ing through his own game in 2018.

Spider-Man moutned on the side of a wall in a slightly heroic looking pose. This is a promotional image for the 2018 game Spider-Man

Moirai Will Paralyse You With Indecision

An idyllic, pastoral village hides a dark secret.

A pixelated graphic sheep, among a field of other sheep and in front of a red barn sided on both sides by a scattering of trees and a rock fence. The text on the bottom of the screen reads: [Poke Sheep]. This is a still from the game Moirai

The Beautiful Deconstructionism of Stories Untold

Stories Untold rides the nostalgia about as hard as anyone could. Its font calls out from a time long passed. And yet…

an old computer (maybe a commodore 64) a radio, and a monitor with a sticky note attached. This is a screenshot from the game "Stories Untold"