Bringing Back The Dead In Films

Just because we have the technology to do this doesn’t mean we have to do it.

There is Nothing Virtual About VR

“The issue with “virtual reality” as a term isn’t the virtual part, it’s the reality part.”

A Normal Lost Phone: A Coming-of-Age Tale For the Digital Age

A Normal Lost Phone is an immersive experience because it does feel like you’re snooping about in an abandoned phone most times.”

Pokémon Red and Blue Reflect Your Worldview As a Kid

“Minor but illogical details, like how my poor mum couldn’t afford a bed while I had an entire room to myself, were inconsequential to my eight-year-old self.”

Watch Dogs 2: It’s Just a Game, Right?

Watch Dogs 2 has an identity crisis. One part game, one part warning for the future, it sends a confused message that suffers for its interactivity.

Maybe Emily Should Stay Away, Too

“Emily is not a person but rather a toy to be played with, and in a game that deals with issues of consent and exploitation, this is especially heinous.”