The Comforts of Playing With Food in Nour

One food I grew to love during my childhood is actually broccoli — not because of how it tastes, mind you, but because of its endless possibilities for play.

A bowl of 3D ramen.

Rail Theory Stops You From Feeling Heroic

Rail Theory, an upcoming survival horror videogame, feels like the sequel Dead Space 3 could have been.

A bright blue demonic figure standing next to a burst of blue light with a wooden cabin in the background.

Dead Cells : Variety is the Spice of Death

The game plays like a combination of Castlevania and a 2D Diablo, and if that sounds like a good combination, that’s because it is.

A character, blue muscles rippling under red veiny vambraces, looks out onto an alien plane. This creature has an orange light where a face would be, and it peers down at the camera kind of over a shoulder. This is a promotional image for the game Dead Cells.

Run Like a Girl in Battle Princess Madelyn

Ridding the world of evil is no longer just a man’s job, and Princess Madelyn dashes across the screen with ease, slaying the wicked with her spears and magic.

In Pato Box, Revenge Is a Dish Served With a Flurry Of Punches

“Full of nuance and quiet unease, Pato Box warrants your interest, subverting the fighting genre by sprinkling in elements of crime fiction and drama.”

Cat Quest Is Playing Dress-Up With Your Disgruntled Tabby

“Cats do whatever the hell they please in real life, but in Cat Quest, you can make them do things for your perverse enjoyment without consequences.”