Why We Are All Hooked on the Premier League + How To Stream on Matchday

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  • If you walk into any sports bar from Lagos to LA on matchday, you will likely find passionate fans glued to a Premier League match or recaps. With its breakneck speed of play and nonstop end-to-end action, England’s top football league has developed a special international appeal over the years.

    But what is it that makes the Premier League so incredibly popular across the globe? Let’s break it down.

    Electrifying Quality of Play That Dazzles

    The star power in the Premier League is just off the charts. From Mohamed Salah’s magical dribbling to Kevin De Bruyne’s laser-guided passing, the world-class skills on display every match are jaw-dropping.

    And then you have absolute “beasts” like Erling Haaland that can overpower defenders and score from anywhere inside the half. There are also guys like Bernardo Silva and Riyad Mahrez who can unlock defenses with their creativity and vision.

    That said, each match sees these talents face off at full throttle. Teams relentlessly attack and counter-attack for 90 minutes. Even sides at the bottom of the table will take risks and play on the front foot against the elite clubs.

    It is this fearless mentality coupled with the blinding pace, which makes the EPL so breathtaking to watch. Any game can turn into a frenzied goal-fest instantaneously. I mean, where else can you regularly see five and six-goal thrillers like it’s no big deal?

    Drama and Parity from Top to Bottom

    Unlike other leagues in Europe, there is fierce competition in the Premier League from first place to twentieth. Any club, no matter the size, can take points off another on any given clash. Just ask champions Manchester City who were held to frustrating draws last season by Brighton and Nottingham Forest.

    You genuinely have six or seven sides with the talent to win the Premier League crown each year. The playing field is remarkably even. This creates consistently down-to-the-wire title races that keep fans clinging to the edge of their seats for nine straight months.

    For example, the 2022-2023 Premier League title race captivated fans with its dramatic back-and-forth battle between Manchester City and Liverpool. The November 25th match exemplified the fierce competition, ending in a gritty 1-1 draw with Alexander-Arnold nailing a late equalizer to maintain Liverpool’s pursuit just one point behind City’s lead.

    This match illustrated both City and Liverpool’s incredible quality and determination, making for an enthralling title race that kept supporters transfixed until the last whistle. Talk about epic drama!

    The Underdog Factor

    While the Premier League has its fair share of modern football giants, remarkable underdog stories still frequently capture global attention. Just look at Brighton’s incredible start in 2022/23, sitting comfortably in the top months into the season.

    Or take Leeds United and Nottingham Forest gaining promotion recently despite having been absent from the top flight for over a decade. These against-all-odds moments generate buzz and goodwill from casual fans and neutrals globally who love to see the little guy triumph.

    It is the classic David vs. Goliath tale playing out through the lens of football. And the Premier League seems to serve up these storylines more consistently than other European leagues because, frankly, anyone can beat anyone.

    The Glitz, Glamor, and Global Reach

    Premier League clubs are some of the most glamorous and valuable sports brands. Teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool do not just have domestic supporters – they have an enormous worldwide fan base.

    Each club functions as a global business, conducting lucrative tours and commercial activities in territories everywhere. The financial might of these top clubs also allows them to not only afford English stars but also the best foreign talents on the planet.

    Walk into any EPL locker room and you will find a diverse mosaic of cultures and languages being spoken. The world’s top players flock to play under the bright lights of stadiums like Old Trafford and Anfield. And the ability to watch guys like Erling Haaland or Heung-min Son no matter where you live only expands the Premier League’s international appeal even more.

    Slick Matchday Presentation

    The Premier League also invests heavily in its television production. Its slick graphics and video packages make you feel like you’re watching an epic movie unfold rather than just a football match. There are well-produced highlight reels. Pre-match atmosphere building. Even small features on key storylines draw viewers in and make them care.

    On top of that, charismatic presenters and announcers like the legendary Martin Tyler have become celebrities themselves. Their voices are ingrained in our minds whenever we think of the beautiful game’s most dramatic moments. The stellar hosting adds that last pinch of entertainment and emotion needed to get the world hooked.

    How to Watch Premier League on Matchday from Anywhere

    So the Premier League has truly become a global phenomenon thanks to its stars, drama, production, and much more. But how exactly can you watch all 380 matches every campaign if you reside outside the UK?

    The easiest and most reliable way is to use a high-quality VPN service (Virtual Private Network).

    A VPN allows you to change your IP address to appear as if you are browsing from a different country. Here is a simple 3-step approach:

    • Sign up with a reputable that offers fast UK servers and advanced encryption. This ensures your connection remains secure and lag-free.
    • Connect to one of your VPNs UK servers once the app launches. This will trick sites into thinking you are in the UK.
    • Visit a streaming service with Premier League broadcast rights like Peacock TV or NBC Sports (depending on if you are in the US). Purchase a subscription package and enjoy the matches!

    Using a VPN to watch Premier League online lets you skirt around pesky geographical restrictions and blackout rules. Some reputable streaming sites also have exclusive EPL packages for international markets. ESPN+ carries a handful of matches in the United States, for example.

    BeIN Sports has coverage in France, Spain, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand while Optus Sport delivers games in Australia. Be sure to check which legitimate online platforms might be available where you live so you can tune in through official means.

    And while free streams do pop up on sites like Reddit from time to time, they tend to have reliability issues or could contain harmful malware. Use bootleg feeds sparingly as a last resort. For the optimal viewing experience, a premium VPN paired with an official broadcaster is the way forward.

    So What Makes the Premier League So Wildly Popular?

    The Premier League offers what all sports fans crave – mesmerizing superstars, edge-of-your-seat excitement, underdog tales, and plenty of heart-stopping drama. The breakneck speed and the unpredictability of matches paired with slick live recordings keep viewers across the globe gripped every step of the way.

    Thanks to the magic of the internet and VPN workarounds, the EPL has become accessible to all corners of the planet. Fans in Lagos, Mumbai, or Rio now share the same viewing experience as those in Birmingham or Manchester.

    And that shared communal experience – the roar of the crowd, the last-minute winners, the joy and agony written on faces far and wide – is perhaps the most beautiful thing about sports. That is why EPL’s popularity will continue its meteoric rise worldwide as more find ways to tune in.