Poker-Themed Video Games: A Review of the Best Titles

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Poker has been a mainstay in society for centuries now. But what was once only a game played between friends at a kitchen table is currently being digitized with the rise of real money online poker sites. The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar, and with this money, some developers have sought to incorporate the game of poker into their products. This new media not only helped keep the game of poker alive and relevant, but it may even expose new players to the game of poker. Those of which would not have known the game if it was not for the game. There are some games where poker is the central theme of the video game, but then there are video games that may have it as a side quest or a mini-game the player can indulge in at their leisure, usually for some bonus in the overall game.

Below, we will discuss some games in which poker is the central theme or where you may find a poker table lying around.

When Video Games and Poker Collide

Here are a few video games where poker holds massive sway in the game

World Championship Poker 2

Featuring Howard Lederer – As the name suggests, this game is all about poker. It was brought to the market in 2005, attempting to capitalize on the renewed enthusiasm around poker sparked by the World Series of Poker tournament. This game showcases the fun of poker by bringing all the aspects that make poker fun into the digital world. As the name also suggests, there was a game that came before this one, and there were two games that came after this. But amongst this four-game series, this one stands out amongst them all. Primarily for taking the first game’s criticism and improving upon it, but also for incorporating an online aspect. This game gets much applause to this day, and some regard it as one of the top poker-based games to come onto the market.

World Series of Poker

Another game that looked to capitalize on the success of the World Series of Poker, even going so far as to adopt the tournament’s name. This game was another game that sought to be nothing more than a console-based way of playing poker. This first game was a beacon and roadmap that still gets much attention, leading to two sequels. The last was the World Series of Poker 2008: battle for bracelets, which garnered good reviews because of its list of stars who contributed their voices and likenesses to the game.


The full name of this game goes as Stacked with Daniel Negreanu, but you will usually see it as Stacked. This game has garnered much attention and is considered one of the better poker games released, even with its release date being in 2006. Its preferred style of poker is Texas Hold ’em. In some viewer’s eyes, the AI made the game one of the better poker games. With the titular character incorporated into the game alongside other pros, the AI provides excellent gameplay and tips throughout the game. So, you will get real advice from real pros throughout the game. Even games with inconsistent reviews upon launch could still hold weight after its initial release.

Prominence Poker

This more recent game released in 2016 has remained a top-of-line poker game since. This game is unique because the player plays poker and goes through a well-crafted storyline. The player gets put in unique playing environments, and there is the option of playing both as a single player and with friends in multiplayer. As the years progressed and more updates became available to the game, it has become especially well-known for its online aspect. This game has remained relevant long after its release and improved over time. It takes the art of playing poker from the real world into an online world where you do not play against AI but can also play against other people.


Poker games are everywhere, and they are fun, especially if you are a poker fan, of course, if you want to win money then you can play for real money on these online poker sites, but if you just want a laid-back version of the game without the pressure then there are more options than ever.. Most poker-based video games got pushed into the market during the early to mid-2000s, but you can still find a few good games today. Or you could indulge in the older games and have the same fun. Poker, as far as how it gets played, has remained a static game, so whether you pick up a game from 2004 or 2016, the experience will feel the same. Also, if you are an avid video game player and enjoy poker, then having a blast from the past may not be the worst thing. Seeing some of the top players from the past, hearing their voices, and listening to their advice could be a piece of nostalgia that makes the playing experience all the better.