The Best Video Games Based on Mythology

Mythology is one of the most unique ways to explore and experience the world. Globally, every culture has its own understanding of the universe, which can be explained through mythological tales and traditions. Even down to small localities and villages, myths are distinct and are part of how many people identify. 

But what makes us so interested in mythological tales from other cultures? On one hand, myths include larger-than-life stories, characters, and settings, which are naturally engaging. On the other hand, myths provide us with a new lens to understand life and natural cycles, for example. In other words, learning more about mythology is intriguing and helps expand the mind. 

In the realm of gaming, myths are also an important subgenre. Even looking at more casual games, such as casino slots, mythology is greatly emphasized. Combing through a list of online titles, players can explore Norse themes with ‘Asgardian Fire’, Ancient Egyptian tales in ‘Legacy of Dead’, the Greek Pantheon with ‘Amazing Link Zeu’, and even Aztec culture through ‘Fortunes de Aztec’.

Beyond the realm of casino games, mythology has helped outline dozens of high-quality projects. In fact, over the last decade, there’s been an influx of mythology-based titles. Let’s count down some of the best to be published since 2000.

God of War Series (2005-2022)

First, let’s start with the most expansive mythological retellings in video game history. The hit God of War series begins following the main hero, Kratos, as he takes on the Greek pantheon. Over multiple releases, players are immersed in Kratos’ battle against various Olympian gods.

However, the plot eventually thickens when, in God of War: Ragnarök, the main character comes face to face with gods and goddesses from the Norse pantheon. For those with an interest in either group of deities, the God of War series provides dozens of hours of immersive storytelling and play.

Ōkami (2008)

This video game stands out for its treatment of the Japanese sun goddess, Amaterasu, and its visual style. In order to depict the story of Amaterasu, who takes the form of a white wolf and saves Japan from darkness, developers adopted a traditional visual style. 

This visual style was inspired by Japanese ink-wash paintings, which are taken even further with unique gameplay. In Ōkami, players can draw to generate certain actions, known as the ‘Celestial Brush’. As they navigate the game, players will be treated to unique stories and designs all steeped in Japanese lore.

Raji: An Ancient Epic (2020)

This tale takes players straight into a world of ancient battles and epic figures. The game combines stories from Hindu epics known throughout Bharat, including the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Similar to the previous title, developers relied on traditional visual designs to bring this game to life. 

Players navigate a medieval desert, which is based on ancient architecture from Rajasthan, as Raji. Raji is on a hunt to rescue her brother—but in order to do so, she’ll come into contact with Hindu gods and goddesses like Durgo and Vishnu, then take on her own battles with their help and divine intervention.

Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale (Coming Soon)

This game is written and produced in part by Aztec creators, which makes it a highly compelling look at Aztec gods and deities. In the game, players must navigate a complex world filled with dangers—from Spanish colonizers to the deities themselves.

As they seek to traverse Mictlan, the Valley of Death, players will come into contact with a diverse array of characters, stories, and myths from Mesoamerica. The game emphasizes its visual elements, just like Raji and Õkami.

Hades (2020)

This roguelike video game became a hit thanks to its fast and unique gameplay, witty writing and sense of humor, and its cast of characters. Similar to the God of War series, this game introduces players to a vast pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. But this title goes above and beyond in creating memorable challenges that are entirely steeped in this ancient cast of mythological beings.


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