From Sinatra to Gaga: Iconic Artists Who Sang About Casinos

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By Andrej Trajkovski

Gambling is an activity that offers great fun whether alone or in a group. Of course, sometimes this activity is associated with specific human behavior, such as taking risks, testing luck, trying to forget the past, etc. All these things can serve as elements that will be an integral part of a song. In fact, many singers and bands have already used one or more gambling elements in their work. So today we can enjoy a bunch of great songs that are focused on casino games. Since many of them exist, we decided to single out the best among them . . .

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

We’re unsure whether Elvis Presley believed this song would become such a hit. Still, Viva Las Vegas became a rock ‘n’ roll anthem that praises the excitement and fun that Las Vegas, the capital city of gambling, brings to its visitors. This infectious and upbeat single will definitely make you want to visit the city known for its nightlife and casinos.

One More Roll of the Dice – Delbert McClinton

Songs about casinos don’t have to be upbeat to be interesting. Delbert McClinton’s One More Roll of the Dice is an excellent example. We love this bluesy track that hopes to change people’s luck in a casino. The song’s lyrics go beyond the gambling activity and discuss the yearning to get one more chance in life.

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

“Can’t read my, can’t read my, no, he can’t read my poker face” – as Lady Gaga’s mega-hit goes. This is one of the singles where gambling, or poker, is used as a metaphor. Of course, in this case, it’s all about hiding your emotions as a pro poker player. In its essence, this is a love song with provocative lyrics and a catchy melody.

Luck Be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

Some might say that casino games require good strategies and tactics, but luck plays a leading role in many cases. Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra, part of the iconic “Guys and Dolls” musical, reminds us of this thought. The player always hopes for good fortune to help them hit big wins in casinos. As a result, many participants are superstitious and ask for Lady Fortuna or Lady Luck to help them – or maybe even Lady Linda? This Lady Linda Casino review might help you find good fortune online.

Sin City – AC/DC

Las Vegas inspired many songs, including AC/DC’s Sin City. The Capital City of Gambling and Sin City are famous Las Vegas nicknames. After its release, this track became a rock classic. The guys from AC/DC explore the city’s dark side and focus on the vices that occur there. All in all, it’s a nice, energetic mix of a story about nightlife and gambling in a big city like no other.

Casino Queen – Wilco

If you’re into alt-country music, then you know Wilco. Thanks to Casino Queen, Wilco describes the thrill of going to traditional riverboat casinos. Apparently, it’s not only casino games you can find there. Wilco’s Casino Queen is also about social interaction and the specific lifestyle associated with these establishments, especially the girls hanging out there regularly.

Ace in the Hole – George Strait

The list of songs about casinos continues with another country song. Ace in the Hole by George Strait is a romantic track about how lucky some people are who have found their soulmates. As he says, that’s like having an ace in the hole in a card game. Ironically, although casino games are about taking risks, this song is about the comfort and security of finding a partner and sticking to them.

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

Here’s an example of an evergreen song with a self-explanatory title. This classic country track puts Kenny Rogers (and the listeners) in the shoes of an experienced gambler who compares playing cards and holding specific combinations in his hand to life lessons. He points out that it’s all about knowing when to quit, when to keep your cards, and when to raise your bet. In other words, life is a game, and you have to know when to walk away and when to take risks.

The Jack – AC/DC

This is the second AC/DC song on this list, showing that rock and roll music is one of the best music genres for casino songs. The Australian rock band, in this case, sings about card games and compares them to romantic relationships in which a lot of risk is involved. It goes without saying that in addition to the attractive lyrics, this track has excellent sounds like insane guitar riffs. It’s a true delight for fans of rock music.

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

If you want something even more energetic, the legendary English band Motorhead released Ace of Spades in 1980. So, we have another song about card games played in casinos worldwide. Needless to say, it uses them as metaphors for living your life to the maximum and praising a lifestyle that pushes people to the edge. It became pretty popular among people who wanted to live wild lives unbound by current social norms.