Reasons Why More Gamblers are Betting with Crypto

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The global gambling space has experienced impressive growth since the Covid-19 pandemic and is set to break new records by 2030. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also taking centre stage, more players seek to join the trend for its apparent benefits. Whether you own an Orbit exchange account or use any other online casino, we’ve listed some of the top reasons you can join the league of players opting for crypto betting.


Cryptocurrency’s excellent safety is a huge plus for online casino gamers. Standard payment methods, including credit cards and wire transfers, can be susceptible to fraud and hackers. Cryptocurrency transactions are encrypted, so hackers rarely succeed in stealing money or defrauding customers.

With bitcoin gaming, there’s no need to reveal sensitive personal data like your SSN or bank details to the online casino. Not having to submit all your personal information can save a lot of time and put people’s minds to rest.


For the first time, people can gamble anonymously without looking over their shoulders because banks are watching. Since no personal details are needed for crypto transactions, you can make untraceable deposits and withdrawals at online gambling sites.

Provably Fair Games

Only crypto games are provably fair. This means every player enjoys the transparency of checking every wager’s fairness. The smart contract framework and open-source algorithm on which these games are built making provable fairness possible. Please only sign up for online crypto sites that have gained a fantastic reputation.

Low Transaction Fees

It costs extremely little to send or receive cryptocurrency. Fees associated with other payment methods could reduce your available funds when making deposits and when cashing out. Essentially, you get your exact deposit amount when you pay with crypto, so you can better plan how to use the funds in your bankroll.

Speed and Transaction Limits

One of crypto’s biggest advantages is transaction speed. Whether you opt for Bitcoin or altcoins, you are guaranteed to have your deposits and withdrawals credited in a flash compared to traditional banking methods. This saves you ridiculous waiting times to move right on to gaming.

The same lightning speed applies to withdrawals once the casino has finished internal processing. Rather than wait 5 to 7 working days to receive your wins, you’ll get them almost immediately once the casino approves.

The payment limit per transaction is another strong selling point for digital currencies in gambling. High rollers are experiencing the best era yet, as there is little to no limit on how much they can spend gambling. The withdrawal limits are also almost non-existent, so you can cash out as much as you’ve won rather than break your payment into small chunks over a long period.


A variety of compelling factors is fueling increased crypto adoption for online gaming. Innumerable constraints hamper traditional monetary systems that cryptocurrency avoids. For this reason, Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies provide users with enhanced agency, heightened safety, and other benefits. There is little doubt that Bitcoin will surpass fiat currency as the preferred payment method for online gambling as this revolutionary technology spreads worldwide.