NBA Single Point Game Leaders

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There are a bunch of talented scorers across the NBA. Scoring is at an all-time high, but it is hard for a single player to score 60 points or more every single night. Over the past week, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell scored 71 points on 1/2/2023 against the Chicago Bulls in a 145-134 win. Mitchell is ranked eighth all-time in points for a single game in an NBA game.

In the NCAA there are fantastic players too, which already are part of the March Madness odds for the upcoming 2023 NCAA Tournament. Those that currently play college basketball may become part of this top. However, let’s see some of the other people listed on a single game points performance throughout NBA history up to now.

Wilt Chamberlin, 100 points

There are always memes and jokes on the internet about Wilt Chamberlin scoring 100 points in an NBA game. It feels like that accomplishment may never be done ever again in the NBA, no matter how talented these scorers are across the league. This feat happened back on March 2nd, 1962. That was a long time ago, and it feels like an eternity ago, also.

That game was against the New York Knicks. Chamberlin is one of the best players in NBA history. He has had several games throughout his NBA career where he has scored a bunch of points in just one single game. Eras come in different shapes and sizes. Being first on the NBA single-game scoring list is an accomplishment. Good luck to anyone trying to shoot for this record in the immediate future.

Kobe “Bean” Bryant, 81 points

He is second on the NBA All-Time list for scoring points in a single NBA game. This basketball game occurred on 1/22/2006 against the Toronto Raptors. This felt like a game where he took every shot, and it was more about volume rather than a good shot percentage in itself. Bryant was one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history.

He always had a clutch gene and always wanted the ball when the game was on the line. This record could be broken by someone one day because this isn’t the 100 points record. Second place is possible, and there are many candidates across the NBA to accomplish it because scoring is happening like never before. Kobe “Bean” Bryant is safe in second place for now.

Wilt Chamberlin, 78 Points

Chamberlin is on this list several times, and he is third in all-time scoring in a single NBA game. He also had this accomplishment with the Philadelphia Warriors back on 12/08/1961. This happened against the Los Angeles Lakers. Wilt Chamberlin was a natural-born scorer in his era. This record is also very possible to break down the road, and it can be one of those situations where it could be sooner rather than later.

It isn’t a surprise to see him so high on these lists because of the kind of player he was throughout his day. It will be a big deal one of these days when someone surpasses his records.

Other Historical Games

Those games aren’t the only historical games. It is hard to score 20, 30, 40, or 50 points in a single game. When you get to 60 points or over in a single game, then we are talking historical territory. There are three games that are currently tied for fourth place in NBA history with 73 total points in a single game. Once again, Wilt Chamberlin finds himself on that list with David Thompson.

Thompson accomplished his feat on 4/09/1978 against the Detroit Pistons in a losing effort for the Denver Nuggets. Once again, Chamberlin did this twice on 1/13/1962 with the Philadelphia Warriors and on 11/16/1962 with the Golden State Warriors.

On 11/03/1962, Chamberlain accomplished another scoring feat of 72 total points for the Golden State Warriors. Imagine if the media was around back then when Wilt Chamberlin was playing. It would have been covered all of the time.