What are COD Points and Credits used for?

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Call of Duty is a worldwide best-selling computer game, released in 2003. Original games focused on World War Two battles, but as the game developed and evolved, players were pulled into the Cold War, outer space and futuristic worlds. Recent developments have seen the game move from console platforms to being available on mobile – opening up the accessibility, playability and earning potential of the game.

As most gamers will know, many games hold their own currency, which is one of the quickest ways for developers to generate income. The popularity of Call of Duty is unwavering and there two in-game currencies available – CoD points and CoD Credits, but what’s the difference?

The following guide details the differences between Cod Points and Credits, including how they can be earned, what they can be spent on and whether skill can result in riches!

One of the biggest differences between previous console-based CoD games and Call of Duty: Mobile is the increase in availability of credits and available rewards. That is to say, players have a higher chance of increasing their credit and point balances in Mobile plays.

What are COD Points and Credits used for?

Call of Duty Points

Call of Duty points are an optional currency that can be bought by real money and used to buy in game features. COD points and credits can be used to buy anything from weapons, level-ups and Experience Cards.

Players who want to purchase the Premium tier of Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass will need Call of Duty Points. It’s through this that the game developers can guarantee a decent level of income – players have to pay to play top tier levels.

To purchase CoD points, players need to just head to the game’s Store and tap the CP button.

How much do Call of Duty Points cost?

As a way to encourage larger purchases, CoD developers have offered players incentives when it comes to buying Points – the more you buy, the bigger the discount you’ll receive.

Current rates for Call of Duty Points are:

200 CoD Points = £1.79

1,000 CoD Points = £8.49

7,000 CoD Points = £69.99

15,000 CoD Points = £123.99

(There are other Points values available, though 200 is the minimum purchase at a time).

Points can be purchased through the in-game store and also as gift cards from gaming and computing stores.

Call of Duty Credits

Call of Duty Credits are the game currency that is earned during the Multiplayer or Battle Royale matches that are played in Call of Duty: Mobile. What’s more, you can earn Call of Duty Credits by simply logging in, so the more you logon, the more credits you can build up.

Credits can also be earned through the completion of Challenges or Tasks, demolishing the items in the player’s inventory or through completion of Battle Pass tiers. Players on Call of Duty: Mobile will also be gifted with 500 Credits weekly, so long as they log on at least once a week. That’s little effort for a reliable return and the need for real-money purchases can be minimised by a login commitment from players.

One thing to note is that COD points and credits can be used to make Store purchases including weapons, crates and soldiers. Credits and Points can also be used to buy limited edition and special Bundles and Operator Bundles. Bundles are priced individually and each Bundle will have different items. Each Bundle is likely to contain at least one collectible, this includes items such as Operator Skins, Emblems, Calling Cards, Weapon Charms, Weapon Blueprints and others.

Don’t forget that Battle Passes will give players the opportunity to play new levels and benefit from enhanced reward opportunities. In this way, Cod Points and Credits have an element of speculate to accumulate – the purchase of Battle Passes can allow for better rewards in the long run.

What are the benefits of having large Credit and Points balances in CoD?

There are a number of benefits for players to having large credit and point balances in Call of Duty. Of course, the larger the balance, the more a player can buy from the in-game store, but having larger balances also opens up additional benefits. For example, in CoD: Mobile, players who have 8,000 Credits gain access to premium reward opportunities.

Once certain balances are reached, CoD players are no longer obliged to login weekly to obtain their free 500 credits.

Can I carry over my CoD Points and Credits from other games?

One of the great things about the evolution of CoD rewards is that developers have ensured that Points and Credits can be carried across from all Call of Duty games that are linked to a player’s Activision account.

Players who have rewards sitting in a Vanguard account will see these automatically transferred when CoD Modern Warfare 2 is released later this year.

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