Virtual Slots: Bringing the Excitement of Live Casinos Into Your Home

The virtual reality market is currently worth just over $15 billion dollars and the chances are high that this figure is vastly underestimated. While VR serves many practical purposes (such as providing three-dimensional tours of a home that is up for sale), it is even more noticeable within the online gaming community. In fact, some platforms have already begun to leverage the seemingly limitless possibilities. MMORPGs are perhaps some of the most well-known examples.

Other industries are just as keen to become involved. Online casinos hope to entice an entirely new generation of players with more immersive environments and personalised gaming features. These observations are especially relevant in terms of what the future of online slots may have in store. Could VR soon become commonplace and if so, what effects will it have upon the end-user experience?

Taking Great Games and Making Them Even Better

Slots are certainly some of the most popular games featured within the online casino community. They are relatively easy to learn, rewards can occur within a short period of time and they are highly entertaining from a visual perspective. A single glance at the selection of Royal Panda online slots will immediately confirm these observations. Still, there may be a bit of room for improvement.

Many analysts feel that access to three-dimensional slots games represents the wave of the not-do-distant future. The ultimate goal is to provide players with an experience that is as close to a physical casino as possible. We are not only referring to how the game is controlled and how the slots appear. Other elements such as realistic background effects and even virtual “lounges” where players can network with one another are additional possibilities.

Smart Gaming

Virtual reality will also impact the “intelligence” of the average slots platform. While the use of a random number generator in order to ensure fair game play is not set to change anytime soon, slots are predicted to become more customised in terms of what players can expect. For example, games will be recommended based on previous selections. This is a targeted form of advertising that can help to keep registered members loyal. Furthermore, it might even be possible to interact with NPCs (non-´player characters) such as a computer-generated slots dealer. These are only two of the numerous options that are being examined by programmers at the moment.

Possible Obstacles to Overcome

VR is no longer a fictional concept. It has indeed entered into the realm of the possible. There are still some hurdles that may have to be dealt with. For instance, will playing VR-powered slots require a dedicated headset? How much memory might these platforms require? Will they be compatible with smart devices? Could wireless bandwidth present an issue?

These are some of the questions that will need to be addressed well in advance. Still, it is likely that an entirely new generation of slots (and online games in general) is waiting just over the digital horizon.

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