10 terrifying horror manga that everyone should read

As a horror writer I love horror genre so I’m always looking for new horror stories. My favourite medium is comic books, specifically the horror manga. There are numerous horror manga’s out there whose terrifying incidents have been mixed in with an incredible artistic design.

Horror manga are usually effective and imaginative same as new online slots from slotbuzz. While I like horror movies, novels and creepypasta, horror manga has something special in it. Looking back, it is impossible for me to find an explanation for this genre’s uniqueness. Perhaps the art explains the horrifying events and the horrific beauty of it all. Probably there are cultural differences, as well.

10 Faun no Tan

The horror manga Faun no Tane from Masayuko Nagawa has been a classic in the genre since the 1960’s. It is the only piece that is purely scary. Faun no Tane is also different in tone from many traditional horror manga as it lacks an action sequence. Instead, the book contains an array of short, creepy events that often involve ghostly entities or the supernatural. It doesn’t have a plot. The manga’s chapter has several creepy incidents, which relate to some key themes. Possibly an area like school or some concept like unauthorized visitors. Is this simply me? Those incidents are only several paragraphs.

9 Gantz by Hiroya Oku Crafts a Horrific New World That’s Full of Danger (8.13)

Traditional Japanese monsters commonly referred to in anime as “Youki” do not have an affinity with anime. In other words, very few shows used this odd thing as well as Gantz. Consequently, the series merges classic horror with action violence and science fiction giving Japanese folklore and culture their own unique contemporary reimaginations. It does not focus exclusively on Yukawa. It also has dozens of twists and turns which add mystery as to why these characters are forced to face huge monster groups. In fact, the mixture of diverse influences shows and draws in fans who promote the Animation List.

8 Pet Shop of Horrors – Matsuri Akino

Pet Shop combines mystery and horror elements in its horror story. This is a manga whose chapters are defined in an episode. The main protagonist Count D is repeated with a rotating cast which consists of mostly separate chapters in a series. Mr Roarke’s Chinese town pet shop is our “fantasy island” at the Pet Store of Horror. He is enigmatic. Located in Chinatown in Downtown LA “D” runs a small dog shop devoted to rare pets. Interestingly, some animals have humanoid appearances instead of animalistic ones. All animals purchased include a contractual agreement between D and their owners.

7 Doubt – Yoshiki Tonogai

Japanese horror manga Doubt instantly invoke the terrifying terror in the Black Mirror anthology TV series. As with Black Mirror, Doubt centres on a technology framework. If the virtual murder mystery game Doubt grabs Japanese interest they want to keep up with it. This game has rules based upon a similar Mafia system where players (rabbits) have to find the wolf amongst them. When the experiment fails, the rabbits have to go to slaughter one after another. It looks fun, but a group of teens awaken from kidnapping and realize they have been thrust into real-life rabbits’ doubts.

6 Blood on the Tracks – Shuzo Oshimi

Blood on the Track is a slow-burn horror manga featuring a paranoid mother and a paranoid child. Shy and shy, the teen Seiichi Osabe reveals wariness towards his friends’ emotions and the cousin’s questioning of Seiichi’s secretive lives. The child never questions Seiko’s overbearing protection as a father before the sacrificed son is killed by the same woman who saved Seiichi. Seiko’s controlling behaviour towards his brother intensifies from now on, when Seiichi fear his parents might take his life in the worst possible manner. Blood on the track moves slowly and without delay.

5 Heads

Head is a horror manga by Keigo Higazhino. The story centres on Narusechi who is shot but survives miraculously thanks to brain transplantation. His body recovers quickly and gradually changes. There are small problems like disgust at her freckles. Eventually though other areas of Jun’ichi’s life change. As time passes the brains of donors are slowly revealed, and a new complication has emerged about this possibility. Head is another horror manga genre. It’s a slower burn and many horrors are caused by your loss of self and the gradual change in your personality.

4 Kazuo Umezu’s Drifting Classroom Is Full of Frightful Freaks (7.48)

Without question it has become an enduring legend within the horror genre with a number of excellent tales that keep people awake at night. But there’s also other artists who have similar interest with horror manga. Kazuki Umezu is arguably a top-notch name among horror fans. Drifter Classroom has subsequently become an influential work for him. A student group becomes trapped inside a train with nightmare-like animals in the story. Umezu’s signature art style is enhanced by the claustrophobic environment, and makes the show popular among horror lovers.

3 Hulejasig

Seon Jīns dad is a successful business man – good Samaritan – and a fantastic parent. It’s only another facade he imposes on the whole world as the serial murderer uses his child as a willing accomplice. The writer combines genres not normally associated to each other, such as horror and romance, and interlacing various areas of the plot in a way which is impossible for readers if they don’t have time to read it all. This psychological horror can surely cause various emotions and fear among them.

2 Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto Enters a World of Medical Horrors

We often think of high-powered anime and comic characters when we think of psychic powers in books and manga. One series captured psychic disturbance caused during an experimental experiment by drilling into the skull and morphed into a nightmarish journey with fragmented persons and a fragment. Homunculus horrors mainly come from protagonists’ weird visions of the people he meets whose fears manifest as monsters that reflect the problem they are dealing with. In turn the distortion in someone’s mind encloses the sense of self and his perceptions.

1 Berserk – Kentaro Miura

Technically falling under the dark fantasy genre, Berserk easily finds himself on a horror manga list because of its body horror, ultraviolent and generally grotesqueness. The grim manga rotates with relative simplicity and engrossing story lines while shocking with intense imagery and intense gore. Berserk is a dark fantasy manga whose roots lie in medieval European influences. Guts was born as a hung corpse but wandered the entire planet alone attempting to die. During his adoptive mother’s training Gut became known as an espionage mercenary.


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