How Does Online Poker Differ From Real-Life Poker?

  • Diogo Nogueira!

  • The rise of online poker has been an ongoing trend, and it has arguably also begun to affect the number of people going to the traditional casinos to play. This article looks at the main differences between online poker and real-life poker.

    Live games have more calling, producing looser games

    Being able to see one another and play the game in real life allows for more calls to be made, and the game becomes a lot looser than if it were being played online. There are also often a number of side bets between the different players, and games like these are referred to as loose poker games. Players may bluff more often than they would online, and winning with a weak hand is often more common than if you were playing entirely online and couldn’t see the other players at the table.

    Online poker plays faster than the live version

    You will play a lot more online hands than you will at the same time on a live table. An online player could easily play 100 hands of poker an hour, while the live poker average is about 20- 30 hands. It is critical to note this as many will feel that they have had prolonged poor hands online when in actual fact, they have just had more of everything. Online you are not even playing against another person. The online poker experience is thus much more intense, and unless you are paying attention, you will have played more hands than you remember.

    Whether you can see your opponents or not

    One of the mainstays of the poker table is the ability to read the other players and be able to tell when they are bluffing or if it’s obvious that they have good cards. The ‘tell’ in poker is one of the most spoken about and written about aspects of live poker. It is the means to be able to postulate with certainty as to your opponent’s cards and how good or bad they may be just from observing them and watching them play the specific hand. Obviously, when you’re live, this is possible while online. Even if you can see the opponents, you may not be able to accurately read the tells.

    Online video poker players get better quicker.

    Practice makes perfect, and the same goes for poker. The online gamblers play more video poker than those who only play live games. It is this practice that makes for much improved online video poker players in comparison to the live players out there. It is also a known fact that online players also make use of all the additional poker resources, clips, social media videos, and more to improve their skills and knowledge of the game. They now also play bitcoin video poker as the genre moves forward, using crypto and making the online more similar than ever to the real thing.

    The basics of the game of poker is the same regardless of where it is played, and as long as you are clear as a top which variant you are playing and the rules are made clear to all who are playing, then you will know what to expect.