Online learning: skill-based games

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  • Today, learning takes many different forms. We can still learn using physical tools such as books and objects, and in a classroom environment. However, we are increasingly seeing a push towards online learning. This, in turn, has led to a specific type of learning game – online, skill-based games. In this guide, we look at what these games are, why they are popular and provide a few real-life examples.

    What are skill-based learning games?

    Typically, learning involves memorizing things, reading about different subjects and improving your knowledge. This type of learning is difficult to incorporate into a game.

    Skill-based learning is completely different. At the core of skill-based learning, you are doing tasks, meeting objectives and using skills rather than knowledge – much like when playing a computer game. This could be in the form of solving puzzles, progressing through levels or interacting with AI bots, for example.

    The learning part of skill-based games is usually interwoven into the game aspect. For example, the theme of the game could be a particular learning subject, such as physics, math or literacy. Often, the different game challenges and trials involve an element of learning. The learning is essentially a by-product – something that naturally occurs as the gameplay unfolds.

    There are platforms and websites that also make use of skill-based games that have other purposes. For example, online casinos have a wide range of games – like video slots – that can have skill aspects, such as bonus rounds. Many platforms like these also have arcade games that require skill and are completely different to standard casino games.

    The point of skill-based learning games is that the user must use a combination of skill and knowledge to progress through the game. As you will see below, this helps improve the learning process. Unlike learning Tetris or other typical console games, the skill involved in this type of game actually contributes towards your development.

    Why is this method of learning becoming popular?

    Skill-based learning games are perfect for today’s younger generation. This is because learning itself is transforming. Instead of textbooks and blackboards, students are more accustomed to tablets, computers and smartphones. Indeed, technology such as tablets has many benefits for learning.

    These games are relatable for the younger generation and most kids will already have a great knowledge of playing video games or games on their smartphones. It is a type of learning that they can easily understand and get to grips with.

    In short, skill-based learning games are exactly what the younger generation needs. They are familiar with video games and apps, and these are played on technological mediums that children and teenagers already have proficiency in using.

    Examples of skill-based learning games

    You can find many types of skill-based learning games on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Also, today, teachers usually have access to a wide range of skill-based learning games that children can play in class on their tablets. The following are three popular examples from the Apple App Store:

    Math Doodles

    Scribblenauts Remix

    Where’s My Water?

    Math Doodles

    Math Doodles is a skill-based learning game that makes mathematics fun (yes this is possible, apparently!). This game has five different challenges – Sum Stackers, Connect Sums, Unknown Square, Splat Go Round and Sneak Peek. Each challenge requires that you use your skills, but also your math knowledge of operations such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. There is also a special race mode for each of the challenges, in which you can try to get the fastest time possible and beat your own previous top score.

    Scribblenauts Remix

    Scribblenauts Remix is a drawing game that has skill-based learning elements. This game has over 40 different levels to play. On each level, you must use your drawing tools to draw different objects. These objects are then used to solve the puzzles and progress through the levels. This game helps develop your problem-solving, drawing skills, creative thinking and more.

    Where’s My Water?

    This is a popular skill-based learning game from Disney. It has fantastic reviews and over five million downloads from the App Store. The game has a level-based progression. Each level presents a different challenge in which you must use your physics knowledge to overcome the problem. The levels look great, the learning is fantastic and players can really develop their knowledge of physics and elements such as steam and water.

    We hope you have found this article beneficial. As technologies evolve, so must our methods of learning. Skill-based learning games will only increase in popularity. They appeal to the tech-savvy natures of the younger generation and are perfect for implementation on smartphones and tablets.