Mobile gaming hasn’t stagnated, and it’s very easy to see why


Somewhat amazingly, we modern-day humans, on the whole, can’t seem to take our full attention off our smartphone devices. For some people, their smartphone is not just a communication tool but also a device that can be used for listening to music or watching a variety of movies on popular streaming services like Netflix. The other alternative for many users is gaming, with mobile gaming rising up the entertainment ranks in recent years.

According to AppAnnie, mobile game spend reached an astonishing $116 billion in 2021 – 16 billion more than in 2020. On top of this, players downloaded a massive 82.98 billion mobile games in 2021, which, once again, highlights the dramatic growth this particular gaming option is showing. Put simply, mobile gaming is booming and, these days, it represents a solid gaming opportunity for the majority of people. But why is this? What is the appeal of playing a less detailed, not as graphically advanced mobile release? Let’s take a look below.

People want convenience these days

In the same way people use their smartphone devices to order taxis through convenient apps or take the night off cooking dinner with a few easy taps on a food delivery app, the same applies to the gaming world too, with convenient gaming options thriving these days. Alongside the emergence of handheld gaming devices such as a Nintendo Switch, people are also discovering the benefits of mobile gaming. After all, everyone has a smartphone device in 2022 which, in turn, enables users to dive in and out of a variety of games with ease.

These games are designed to be picked up and put down throughout the day, providing mobile gamers with a convenient entertainment option in the palm of their hands. From the options available on Android and iOS to popular browser games such as Forge of Empires and Candy Rain 2, the options are comprehensive. These games, and more, accompany recent smash hits such as Among Us and augmented reality masterpiece, Pokemon Go. These mobile gaming products represent a viable alternative when compared to sophisticated console gaming options, all of which require players to spend large sums of money and allocate more time. Mobile games are fun and entertaining and can be accessed throughout the day as and when it suits a gamer.

Better games than ever before


Given the advancements made in our smartphones has come a better all-round mobile gaming product on the whole. People can dive between console-quality titles that are now making the transition over to mobile, such as Fortnite and Minecraft, to exploring games from other genres like from the casino gaming sphere, where gamers can enjoy an authentic casino gaming experience through popular options such as live dealer baccarat. These games and others offer more detail and better graphics than ever before, while also showcasing better all-round gameplay thanks to the sophisticated smartphone devices we all have access to in 2022.

An array of accessories can be added to elevate the gaming package further also, with many mobile gamers opting for VR headsets and joysticks to improve specific games. The fact that mobile games have progressed from the likes of Snake and Tetris to some of the detailed, go-to options in the modern world are quite remarkable. Things will only continue to improve, too.

Mobile gaming doesn’t cost a bomb

People love a bargain and mobile gaming certainly represents one. Most mobile games are either cheap or completely free and enable people to satisfy any gaming needs they might have. The sheer amount of affordable games available on mobile is mightily impressive.


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