The Hidden Gems of Netflix

In just a few years Netflix has transformed the way we watch movies and shows. In fact, we cannot even imagine a life without it today. The site always maintains an updated list of the best picks and provides a top 10 list of what users watch the most. Moreover, there are over 15,000 different items in Netflix’s catalogue so, there are many that end up being overlooked. In this piece, we identify some of the most underrated movies and shows that you can watch today.

I Care a Lot

This movie offers the perfect combination of fun and thrills because it has an extremely talented set of actors. Rosamund Pike plays the lead role of a legal guardian who tends to senior citizens under the directive of the court. However, she is not the protagonist in the story as she tricks the poor old people into giving her all of their money. Whilst she is making millions from scamming innocent people, she stumbles upon a seemingly harmless woman played by Dianne West. It turns out that the woman is a retired criminal who has an army of thugs coming to her rescue. And who is the leader of that army? None other than her own son was played by Peter Dinklage. If you do not know who Dinklage is, you must check out the Unwinnable podcast to find out more about his work.


An American drama on gambling in Las Vegas, 21 is available on Netflix starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, and Jim Sturgess, among others. The movie is a fact-based story about a group of MIT students who trained to become experts in card counting, specifically in blackjack. The main character, Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), who is a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, needs money for his tuition bills. In an attempt to raise the cash, he joins a group of students that is led by professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey). They use their card counting skills to swindle the casinos and end up taking millions. But the movie takes a turn when the casino enforcer Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne) crosses their paths.

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Don’t Look Up

Legends like Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Meryl Streep are cast in this movie. Don’t Look Up was recently released on Netflix, but it did not get positive reviews from critics. Nevertheless, we will give it a 10 on 10 because it is simply epic. The story is about a group of scientists cautioning the Government against an upcoming comet that will collide against our world. Nonetheless, the Government does not take it seriously at first and questions the scientists. The comet actually symbolizes global warming and the story reflects how ridiculously governments around the world trivialize it. It is brilliant how a plotline as serious as this can be made into one of the funniest comedies you will ever come across. You laugh throughout the movie but you also acknowledge the brutal irony of it all.

Ending Note

The movies and shows we mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg. Netflix is an online platform that showcases a vast array of content. The algorithm constantly keeps track of what you watch and creates lists of recommendations that specifically cater to your taste. If you have not already signed up, we suggest that you do so at the earliest. You will definitely not be disappointed. Good luck!

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