Gaming Hacks: To Cheat, or Not to Cheat?

The Short Answer: Yes and No

Gaming cheats in virtual domains are a totally different thing than cheats in a physical contest like American Football or Ice Hockey. Unfortunately, people tend to categorize both as the same. Listen, video games are themselves a cheat. Especially if you’re playing a sports game. Sports are games. With virtual environments, you get all the fun without the sweat.

So you see, from the very beginning, the concept of digital gaming represents a foray into an oblique, abstract reality within that which already exists. Accordingly, the idea that programming cheats, hacks, or built-in gaming options that allow you to manipulate the digital environment can be anything but symbiotic to gaming is false. Cheats pair well with games.

Still, there are times when it’s probably not a very good idea to patch in some sort of code you’ve put together for a MOBA while the eSport match is live. When the stakes get higher, manipulated outcomes that can be proven could result in legal consequences; or worse. You don’t want to rig a contest if somebody from the underworld has money on the game.

In contrast, if you’re in a WoW campaign against a group that dips in and cheats like mad, if you don’t learn how to outdo them, you might not be able to enjoy the gaming experience anymore. So there’s a balance here. Gaming hacks that allow you to “cheat” are, on the one hand, absolutely necessary, and on the other, absolutely prohibited. You must be discreet.

Discreet Hacking Requires Guidance

You’re not going to learn how to hack games with any skill if you just go in blind and try to reinvent the wheel. Sure, you might still discover some surprising things, but if you’ve got someone who has gone before you, you can metaphorically stand on their shoulders. Basically, you can get more skilled more quickly and conveniently.

Making things even more considerable in this direction is the reality that legitimate tutorials are available that you can lean on as you develop your skills. Just think about the collateral implications of that for a moment. Hacking in the gaming community is so widespread, you can go online and find a textbook. What’s more: you can learn enough to create new things.

With tutorials and guides on how to make your own cheats for different games, you can actually make a totally unique gaming experience for yourself, friends, or competitors. The nature of gaming cheats has come to a place where many gamers have enough coding acumen to actually redesign certain aspects of gaming functionality.

Doing so isn’t too straightforward at first, but with a little guidance, you can master the art of designing your own cheats. Follow this link for guides, tutorials, and more to make cheats with Guided Hacking. What’s really interesting is, once you’ve mastered creating your own cheats, to stop you, moderators and their ilk will have to reverse engineer what you’ve done.

Being a Bulletproof Gamer

Certainly, there’s a level of severity to certain cheat options. In the eighties and nineties, button combinations and codes would give you things like infinite ammo or health. Those things have been gradually phased out in lieu of patches that grant certain abilities.

The more sophisticated your cheats, the more you’ll be able to use them without being noticed. Still, if you’re not quite as skilled as you think you are, and get caught using hacks in some games, moderators might eject you. In that situation, you’ll definitely be inconvenienced.

At the end of the day, when you ask whether you should or shouldn’t cheat, it’s easy to see why the answer is twofold. The nature of gaming invites cheating, but not all gaming situations do. So as you learn these hacks, cheats, and workarounds, exercise common sense, situational awareness, and discretion in applying them.

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