Letter from the Editor
A large golden upper body looms large.

Unwinnable Monthly – February 2022

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Dear Reader,

I am hoping this finds you well, surviving and perhaps even thriving through February, perhaps the most dreary of months.

Our cover feature this month is Luke Rotella introducing us to That Night, Steeped By Blood River. Next up is Andrei Filote taking us to the wastes in Death Stranding. For our Epic Games sponsored feature this month, Melissa King takes on D.A.N.G.E.R. Team.

And now, onto the columns!

For the second month in row, I get to introduce a new columnist!

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce Phoenix Simms to you all! Phoenix has been an absolute delight to have in our (virtual) office and I’m so glad to be able to share this amazing first entry for her monthly column.

And who else is joining us this outing? Sara Clemens takes us back to school. Deirdre Coyle gets witchy. Matt Marrone cusses! Yussef Cole’s mom is to be reckoned with! Emily Price comes at things sideways. Justin Reeve re-discovers Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Rob Rich does some self-reflection. Stu Horvath taps into some turtle power. Levi Rubeck returns to the Mothership. Ben Sailer wraps up 2021, in February. And lastly, Noah Springer is back, a little more well rested and with some heavy beats and boxes.

Be warm, stay safe, wear a mask!

See you all in a few weeks in Exploits!

David Shimomura
Chicago, Illinois
February 11, 2022

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