Canada And Casinos: A Timeline

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  • This sector in Canada has undergone a dramatic change throughout the years. In the beginning, they played the game with animal bones, but it has now grown into a plethora of online casinos for Canadians to pick from that you may also find in Allbonuscodes. People may now start playing for real money with as little as a $1 deposit at a Canadian online casino. In addition, some online casinos don’t accept wagers or payments in cryptocurrencies at their casinos.

    Many Canadian casinos compete to entice new customers away from their competitors’ establishments and towards their own. However, how did we get up with such a wide range of casino options in the market? To give you an idea of the history of casinos in Canada, we’ve looked deep into the past.


    Long before online casinos appeared, people played games of chance in smaller, more informal settings.

    While we can’t pinpoint precisely when individuals in Canada began partaking in games of luck, the first evidence of gambling in the country stretches back thousands of years. Slahal, a game performed by the region’s indigenous peoples, is still practiced today using deer or other animal bones. The game has it all, from a religious rite and family fun to a chance to earn money.

    Ban on dice games in the 1330s

    In 1497, England’s John Cabot claimed part of Canada. Gambling was immediately outlawed in Canada since it was still nominally British territory. Because of this, the first regulation against gambling in Canada can be dated back to 1338, when Richard III banned many dice games in England because he persuaded him that it was too distracting to his soldiers and a waste of their time. All video games were outlawed. Canada’s ban on dice games was removed for the first time in 1999.

    1497, Native American tribes And Cards

    Until China created paper some 2,000 years ago, cards were played exclusively with decks of cards. Accordingly, it’s safe to assume that the Chinese and Koreans were the first to play card games, although no one knows exactly when this tradition came to Canada.

    When John Cabot arrived on Canada’s East Coast in 1497, he was surprised to see indigenous tribes playing card games with a deck of cards. There was a time when gambling in Canada was relatively basic, but this finding is regarded as the beginning of serious gaming.

    It was in 1910 when wagering on pari-mutuel and occasional games were legalized. English common law was still in force in Canada in 1892, and the Criminal Code of Canada was amended to allow gambling if it met specific requirements. A pari-mutuel betting amendment was approved over two decades later, in 1910.

    As the name implies, this is a wagering method in which all bets are pooled together. Betting on horse racing is the most common usage for this currency. The amendment of 1910 also enabled the use of winnings from sporadic games of luck for religious and charitable reasons.

    Single-game gambling on sporting events became permitted in Canada in 1985, but only as a long-term proposition. The first commercial land-based casino in Canada was launched in Winnipeg in 1989. In 1993, a second casino opened in Montreal.

    A few years later, numerous other provinces launched their casinos. Commercial casinos have opened in Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan. Video Lottery Terminals, which generate millions of dollars annually for a few governments, were installed in provinces. Single-game sports betting was legalized in Canada in August 2021.

    The Beginning of Gaming Businesses

    The benefits of the Free Trade and Processing Act, which permitted internet gambling firms to be licensed, would have prevented any other company from creating an online casino game.

    Soon after it was approved, they launched the first online gambling website, The Gaming Club in Antigua and Barbuda, in 1994. When InterCasino opened its website in 1996, Microgaming had already established a foothold in the market.

    Rise of SmartPhones

    When 3G was introduced in the early 2000s, it changed how we enjoyed our everyday lives and liked to play. The groundwork for mobile gaming was being laid, and the online gambling industry was on the verge of realizing its full potential as a result.

    Using a 3G connection was the first thing “The Betting Site” did in 2003. You can bet on five different bookmakers simultaneously from your cell phone right now. When you’re on the move, you can now bet on online sports while you’re on the go.

    Final Words

    It’s just a matter of time until technological breakthroughs transform the internet gaming industry in Canada. The most important evolution in the industry’s history has been expanding the variety of options accessible to gamers. Online casinos and the games they offer will change and improve more as more platforms, games, developers, and users join the game.

    While virtual and augmented reality is becoming more and more popular, as well as other technological and software changes, online casinos will change soon, too.