6 Best Ways to Spend Less on Printer Ink in 2022

Considering long-term costs, some inkjet printers are outrageously expensive to use. Despite their affordability, even basic models require pricey OEM supplies. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will end up spending hundreds of pounds on ink per year. Fortunately, the market has plenty of affordable replacements. You can save even more by using them economically.

Tip 1. Discover Independent Brands

On average, customers spend up to 70% shopping for third-party printer supplies. For example, the CLI 581 compatible ink pack cost just £26.99, while Canon charges customers around £50 — twice as much.

The difference is astonishing considering the volume, as the compatible set has XXL yield. You can print 830 pages with each colour cartridge. The standard yield is only enough for around 260!

Why This Happens

Printer brands like Canon and HP do not have a monopoly on consumable supplies. Their prices seem baffling, and many consumers believe that the “razor and blades” profit model is to blame. Officially, big corporations have gigantic R&D budgets.

At the same time, even their basic equipment comes with pricey cartridges. Those irresistible printer deals at your nearby department store are misleading. These are, essentially, consumer trips helping brands gain more users and profit from their additional expenses.

Independent companies like Smart Ink are Davids in comparison with these Goliaths. They have a narrow specialization and limited R&D needs. As a result, big savings are perfectly plausible.

Tip 2. Change Fonts

Reconsider your printing habits. Arial is a common choice for web pages, but it is also an ink hog. To cut costs, switch to Times New Roman, Century Gothic, Calibri, Courier New and Garamond. Avoid any bold and flashy types.

Tip 3. Use Draft Mode

Did you know that your printer has a special Draft setting? When activated, it programs it to use less ink. This is a great way to print when quality and saturation are less important. You will get lighter but legible output. The Draft mode is included in printer settings.

Tip 4. Use Reader Mode

Many web pages can be viewed in a minimalistic mode. You can turn it on by clicking on the corresponding button in the address field. If it is not there, install a special Chrome extension. The mode eliminates all ads and distracting images, so you do not waste your ink.

Tip 4. Print Less

This is the most obvious solution. Whenever possible, use PDF copies of documents. View them on your tablet or desktop computer instead of making a hard copy.

Tips 6. Consider Refilled Products

Finally, if you are concerned about climate change and the future of our planet, opt for recycled products. A special category — remanufactured cartridges — will let you reduce waste and pollution while cutting costs. Typically, these are OEM cartridges refurbished after the first use. They provide quality and performance similar to the brand-new condition.


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