Some Of The Most Favorite Sports In The World and How To Place Your Bet For It

There are many favorite sports in the world. But what are the most popular? And how can you place a bet on it? In this article, we will explore some of the most popular sports in the world and how to place your bets on it.


Football is widely considered as the number one favorite sport in the world. And it’s not only because of its thrill and excitement, but also due to many factors that make football a global hit. It’s among those sports that are played by both men and women, thus everyone has something about it. It’s also widely played by kids, college students, and even professionals.

No wonder that this game has risen tremendous heights because of the players’ skills, talents, dedication and passion for their sport. Every year hundreds of millions of people all over the world gather to watch big games that are broadcasted live on television or online like ESPN TV coverage, Fox TV coverage, Sky Sports coverage, ITV Sport coverage etc.

Football is also an event that even the most important and influential people in the world watch during their free time. Every four years, football fans all over the world gather in one place to see who will be crowned as the world champion of this sport. The FIFA World Cup is a perfect example of this.

Some of the popular bettings on football are over/under betting, betting on the spread or handicap, head-to-head bet, Asian handicap bet.


Basketball is also among the most popular sports in the world. This game almost resembles football because of its excitement and thrill it brings to its players and fans. Although basketball is more tactical compared with football, it’s still among the most watched sports in the world.

Not only that, basketball is one of the most frequently played sports around the globe. It’s also popular because you only need a ball and basket to play it even outdoors in an open space during your free time. Basketball has different leagues for amateurs and professional players where they can show all their skills and talents.

The NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world. It gathers players from all over the world that have different kinds of style and skills to show their fans. The annual championship of this league is also one of the most-watched sports events annually, where there are millions of people who tune for it weekly or daily – depending on the schedule of games.

Many bettors place their bets on basketball, especially when it comes to NBA basketball betting. Other popular types of bets are over/under, head-to-head, match winner, or handicap.

Just like football, there are numerous promotions and bonuses from bookmakers. If you want to bet on these sports, check for a good source of information on these promotions as well as many other useful resources like complete list of trusted online bookmakers, odds and predictions, sports event calendars, and many more.


Baseball is one of the most played sports in America. It’s very common for kids to play this sport in the neighborhood, especially because it only needs a ball and bat to play. This game can be played both outdoors or indoors depending on its rules.

Like basketball, baseball is also among the most popular sports around the world because there are several leagues that gather amateur or professional players from all over America and countries outside the US. However, the popularity of baseball in America is so high that it’s also broadcasted on national television which creates a huge impact for people to watch it during their free time.

The fans of this game are avid listeners and watchers of games that are broadcast on radio or TV. Almost all of the professional leagues of baseball have their own official media coverage, thus promoting the game in a big way. Also, betting on this sport is also very popular among bettors because of its thrill and excitement for fans to watch it.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another kind of sport that comes with tremendous excitement for every fan around the world. This game is played on ice skates where two teams of six players try to knock the puck into their opponent’s net. It may sound easy but it requires tremendous skills and effort for every player to succeed in this sport.

This game is not as popular as other sports perhaps because it’s played only during wintertime when many families prefer staying indoors than playing this sport on ice. It’s also less televised and broadcast compared with other games like basketball and football, but it still has its own following of fans around the world.

Ice hockey betting is also popular among bettors because this sport can bring excitement and thrill even in a very short period of time. There are usually only three periods in every game, which makes fans want to watch it over and over again in order to see the end of the game. Ice hockey is also among sports in America where baseball is most popular.


Volleyball is one of the most played sports in some countries like Japan, France, Brazil, etc. Although this game doesn’t have the same popularity compared with basketball and football, it still has a growing number of fans because of its simplicity – you only need to know how to hit the ball over a net.

There are several kinds of volleyball that are played in different places around the world, but this game is most popular among Asian countries, specifically Japan where their professional leagues of volleyball are very well-known in their country.

Some of the numbers of fans that watch this game are not aware that they can actually have an opportunity to earn money by placing bets on volleyball games. Even though it’s not as popular a gambling industry compared with basketball, football and baseball, there are still several countries where you can find bookies that take bets on volleyball games. The good thing about it is that there are definitely opportunities to earn huge profits by betting on this game.

Final Say

Sports can be one of the most exciting things to watch for people around the world. It has been recorded already in history that people of all ages and social classes enjoy watching different kinds of sports in their spare time. From the very beginning, betting on different kinds of sports has also been popular among bettors worldwide.

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