Finding the Right Celebrity to Host Your Event

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  • Finding a celebrity to host an event can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. On the one hand, you have the power to make this gathering incredible; on the other, it’s daunting to try and find a celebrity who you could pay to perform for you.

    These are the top questions to ask yourself when planning to hire a celebrity and help to guide you through them.

    What Can You Afford?

    When hiring celebrities, you must keep your budget reasonable. Although we’d all love to be able to shell out the hundreds of thousands necessary to hire amazing acts like Beyonce, most of us can’t afford these performers.

    So instead, it’s time to consider what you can afford. Many celebrities are surprisingly within reach, with even Damon Wayans Jr. available for stand-up comedy at just a couple of thousand dollars.

    What Type of Event is This?

    When you’re planning your event and wanting a celebrity to host: what type of event comes to mind? For example, do you want Lady Gaga to sing a couple of songs at your reception?

    Or, instead, if you are looking for someone to MC your party, consider seeking a celebrity who can offer those specific skills you need. Although many are flexible, it’s a better idea to allow a star to work within their usual repertoire so that they can shine while they perform.

    What’s the Audience Like?

    What type of audience is attending? Unfortunately, there’s a large difference between what people in their sixties and what people in their teens consider a celebrity.

    If you can, consider putting out a poll to gather information on what types of stars those attending your event would be most interested in and what type of entertainment they’d prefer at this gathering. The answers will be different based on many factors but should give you a clear answer on what to do.

    Where Can You Find Celebrities?

    Finding celebrities may sound like a difficult task, but it’s easier than expected! Many stars that do cameos or work for hire are available on gig sites that allow people to contact them for this work.

    This means that you can find sites that will enable you to compare rates, look at availability, and hire celebrities that offer what you’re looking for.

    How Early Should You Plan?

    The best rule of thumb when planning any event is to try to start scheduling at least a couple of months out.

    However, some celebrities get booked quickly, so if you want to ensure you contact them for a specific event, scheduling out as far as six to twelve months may be necessary.

    Having A Celebrity Makes Everything More Interesting

    Whether this is a wedding, bar mitzvah, or retirement party: a celebrity is capable of boosting interest and excitement.

    Take the time to pick the right star for your event, ensure you stay within budget, and find someone your attendees will love, and you’ll have a successful event! Nothing’s better than going above people’s expectations!