Blizzard Entertainment and Activision’s Early Era Call of Duty Games Remastered

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  • Everything old is new again! Right now, gamers are happy to be able to apply that saying to one of the most popular game franchises of all time — Call of Duty. Blizzard Entertainment, owned by Activision game, is getting a whole new chance at life on the Plutonium Call of Duty platform. “There will always be Call of Duty games,” said Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard.

    Like magic, the fan-created community is remastering and restoring early-era Call of Duty games for modern players. The key is that they use their own servers to thwart hackers. Users say that for games like Modern Warfare 3 and World at War, this fan-made community is the best way to play them now on PCs. “Plutonium Call of Duty has changed the way I play the first-person shooter game,” shares a gamer. “I have always been a huge fan of the Activision games, so playing them like this is a dream come true. There are all sorts of cool new features and weapons.”

    Plutonium Call of Duty is for PCs, not consoles

    Plutonium Call of Duty is not available on Xbox, PlayStation 5, or PS4. It is a PC-only experience, reserved only for computers, which means this version of the game is not available to play on consoles. In fact, console support is not at all possible for Plutonium Call of Duty. “That’s a bit of a bummer,” says one gamer. “My friends love Plutonium so much that I’ve decided I need to get a PC to play, too.”

    Players must install a proprietary launcher program to run Plutonium Call of Duty, which is not possible with the internet capabilities of consoles. That would cause gamers to have a lot of trouble downloading the reconstructed versions of the Activision Call of Duty games. “It was really easy to download the Plutonium platform. There is so much tech support available,” says a gamer. “I have even been able to create and run my own servers with very little help from any of the video game experts in my life.”

    Another issue is that since the revamped player’s servers are hosted privately, they aren’t accessible on Xbox, PlayStation 4, or Playstation 5. The consoles only utilize the servers supplied in-game. An example would be Activision’s official servers in Call of Duty: Vanguard. But you can use the official controllers to play Plutonium Call of Duty on a PC because it is compatible with the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers of PS4 and PS5, as well as Xbox controllers. Gamers appreciate having the option of using their console controller to play Plutonium Call of Duty on a PC.

    Why gamers prefer Plutonium

    Currently, 1,247 players across 477 servers are playing on Plutonium. “It offers the games we all know and love in a radically new way,” says one gamer. “I’ve found that security vulnerabilities in the base games have been patched. Controller support has been added to every game. And I especially enjoy that there are several more guns and maps added to the games. I’ve been playing Activision’s Call of Duty since I was a kid. The Plutonium Call of Duty is my absolute favorite way to play now.” Another Blizzard Activision gamer says that she “enjoys hosting my own dedicated server” on Plutonium.

    Call of Duty has been a hit for nearly two decades

    The first-person shooter video game was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision in 2003. It quickly became a huge hit and spawned the successful series.

    The single-player progress from game to game throughout the franchise. “The characters, the story, the gameplay — it will only get richer, as well,” Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has said. “Eventually, these characters will look more like a film and stories will get more real and in-depth, and innovations like Kinect and Move using voice to control what’s on the screen, and movements to control what’s on the screen — those will bring big changes to all games in the future.”