Why You Should Try Online Casino Gaming In 2022

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  • It’s official: 2022 is going to be the year of online casino gaming. While the industry has been growing and blossoming for some time now, 2022 is going to be a banner year for it. The market’s growth is predicted to reach $72 billion in 2021, up from $64 billion in 2020, so we’re fully expecting to see it explode even further in 2022, potentially reaching upwards of $80-$90 billion as an industry. These are impressive numbers, and it should be obvious that 2022 is going to be a great year to try out online casino gaming for the first time as a consumer. Here are just some of the reasons you should check out online casino gaming in 2022.

    It’s fun

    To put it simply, online casino gaming is great fun. There are few things to match the thrill of rolling the dice or watching the roulette wheel spin. While a victory is never guaranteed (and you should never play with winning in mind), the pure adrenaline rush you get from playing the game can be its own reward. Of course, in order to maximise the enjoyment you get from online casino gaming, you should ensure that you aren’t gambling to excess, because that can cause serious financial problems.

    A wide range of currencies are supported

    If you don’t like to play with certain currencies, or if your country outlaws the establishment of online casinos (but doesn’t prevent its citizens from visiting overseas online gaming sites), then you’ll be happy to know online casinos support a huge range of currencies. Whether it’s pounds sterling, euros, or US dollars, you’ll definitely find an establishment that offers to pay out your winnings in that currency. There are even lots of live casino crypto sites that will let you bet with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, so if you’re a crypto nut, there’s plenty out there for you!

    Many games are available

    No matter what your favourite casino game is (or even if you haven’t discovered it yet), you can bet there’ll be an online casino platform that offers the chance to play it. Blackjack, roulette, slots, poker, and a wide variety of other games are available as standard on most casino sites. You may also find that your chosen site offers some interesting obscure variants on your favourite games, so if you love Pai Gow poker or kenu, for example, then you’ll find online casino platforms to be an embarrassment of riches.

    You don’t need much to get started

    Online casino gaming might look like the province of high rollers and rich folks, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this pastime is extremely inclusive in terms of money; you don’t need much at all to get started. Many say that betting smaller is actually better; you might stand to win more (although, again, this isn’t guaranteed), and you’ll be able to curb your losses if you do unfortunately end up on a losing streak. Allocating a smaller bankroll and betting around 1-5% of this bankroll for each bet is a good starting point.

    You can play on your smartphone

    Lest you think you need to leave the comfort of your sofa and fire up your desktop or laptop PC to play online casino games, think again. Most online casino platforms now support responsive design, which means you can play on your smartphone or your tablet. That means you can simply reach for your device and be playing within moments; no complex setup process is needed. This is also a good way to measure the worth of a particular site. If the site doesn’t support responsive design and doesn’t load well on your device, it may be an unscrupulous platform you should stay away from.

    Online casinos are open all night

    Many people now work irregular hours. This means that opening schedules for shops and entertainment complexes don’t necessarily suit our working lives anymore, but this isn’t a problem for online casinos. Instead, online casinos can effectively remain open 24 hours a day, so no matter when you want to play, you can be sure that your favourite casino site will be available for you to settle in and play a few games. Customer service is often available round the clock, too, which is ideal if you happen to run into a problem (which is rare, but it can happen).

    Online casino spaces can be social spaces too

    Want to meet your new best friend, or even a potential new partner? Online casino sites can actually be a great place to do so. Many online casino platforms now come with chatrooms and social functions built in, so you can talk to other players while you indulge in a game or two. This can often lead to long-lasting friendships, especially if the other players you’re chatting to are regularly online at the same time as you. Building relationships with other players is an excellent way to keep online casino play feeling casual so that you don’t get too invested and go over the top.

    Online casinos want your business

    Since there are so many online casino platforms, it stands to reason that each one of them would want to attract you as a customer. That’s why good online casino sites will offer enticing bonuses to get you interested in playing. The best online casino platforms are transparent and honest with their bonus terms and conditions; they’ll lay out exactly what you need to do to redeem the bonus, when it runs out, and whether there are any rewards for long-term loyalty as well.