4 Great Movies to Watch before the End of 2021

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  • Netflix has massively boosted our entertainment sources. With numerous movies coming in each month, it can sometimes become a struggle to watch all great movies before we lose them forever. And this month will be no different from the previous months as many movies on Netflix will probably exit by the start of the upcoming month and get replaced by other movies. 

    You might want to check out this video game studio for your entertainment; however, when it comes to the best movies that you should watch before the end of this year, here is our list. We recommend watching these movies before they disappear or get replaced by other movies. 


    If you are a die-hard fan of horror movies, then you will enjoy this creepy movie up to the nines. With Halloween just around the corner, “Insidious” might also serve the purpose of frightening your family and friends and setting the perfect tone for the remainder of the night. The sneaky happenings of the movie culminate into a dreadful atmosphere while all characters and the plot of the movie will keep everyone on edge, biting their nails in fright or nervous anticipation. A little disclaimer: the movie revolves around a family moving into a haunted house (enough said!). 


    This movie is especially for those who are going through tough times and want to find a little sunshine to hold onto. Sometimes, the right movies or the right book is all we need to get back on track and regain our optimism. The director of “Happy-Go-Lucky” is Mike Leigh, whereas the main star of this amazing Netflix flick is Sally Hawkins. Hawkins plays the character of an optimistic teacher who always tries to find the light at the end of the tunnel; especially, when she encounters pessimism and negative energy from people around her. 

    Midnight Special

    If you haven’t heard about this movie before, you should know that this flick is worth your time and attention. If you are a die-hard fan of the sci-fi genre, you will find this movie very interesting. The plot revolves around a father and son. The father is forced to run away with his gifted son, and the government is chasing them for the supernatural powers of the son. The best part about this movie is that it keeps everyone gripped till the very end, where everyone (viewers) finds out about the nature of the boy’s supernatural powers. 

    Kung Fu Panda 

    If you haven’t watched Kung Fu Panda by now, then you should drop everything and turn on Netflix and watch this masterpiece animation. The animation is absolutely stunning and fantastic to watch. The storyline is gripping, and all animal characters are played out perfectly. The vocal cast of all Kung Fu Panda series is enjoyable. The best part of this amazing animation is that all age groups can enjoy it. You never know the movie might spark inspiration for your kids to learn martial arts and set aspiring goals in life.