Top Sports Movie Songs Ever

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  • Sports goes hand in hand with the adrenaline drive increasing songs that we all play when we inevitably trudge down to the gym to workout. There are so many sports movies of all time that sports enthusiasts have watched at least once in their lives, but what would these sports movies even be without their theme based title tracks to provide the titular character company and accompany them on their dream voyage to be the best star in the field of sports. Whether it be Rocky as he walks down the lanes of Philadelphia or Mary Kom as she trains her best after undergoing the hardships of motherhood, songs have the uncanny ability to show their passionate side when it comes to getting the best out of themselves and their careers.

    The following is a list of the greatest songs from the top sports movies ever made, jointly prepared with, that you can also dance and workout to:

    • The Natural: Theme: There is that brilliant horn riff at the very end that will make you want to get your old baseball gloves and start a game and it is right here in this titular song. This theme song is from one of the best documentary films ever made on the complex life and career of Ken Burns. The Natural is most definitely not just a documentary. It is more of an emotional love letter to the game of baseball and with the soundtrack, you will feel as if you are actually back to the era Burns played in;
    • Rocky: Gonna Fly Now: The Rocky franchise had some brilliant songs all through the first movie to the last one in the series. And picking one out of all those hearty numbers is really very difficult. But, it is still “Rocky: Gonna Fly Now” that holds the fancy of most of the people around the world. With Rocky or Sylvester Stallone in his beanie and sweats, running down the old 1970s Philadelphia, Bill Conti’s number starts playing in the background and that is genuinely all you ever need. This song received the Academy Award nomination for the Best Song in 1977 but did not win as the award went to A Star Is Born instead;
    • Friday Night Lights: Your Hand In Mine: Another brilliant classic in the chart buster sports movie songs of the last 20 years, Friday Night Lights provided us with one of the most beautiful renditions of the time. Explosions in the Sky did a perfect job in giving you the sense of bleakness and gloom that you see in company with small town high school football. So, if you want to get all the feels, go right ahead and put it on Spotify now.

    So, now that you have this carefully curated list of a few of the greatest sports movie songs ever made, get on to any app and listen to them! What are you waiting for? Also, let us know if we missed any sports movie song in our list, yeah?


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