Best Sports-Comic Crossovers Ever

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  • Winter is the time of hot chocolate, mulled wine, Christmas specials, mugs of piping hot coffee, fireplaces and so much more. Oh, is there something we are forgetting? Marshmallows maybe? No, what we are actually forgetting are the scores of comic conventions or comic cons that sprout up during this time. The pandemic actually led to the closing down of a lot of comic con circuits over the past year or more and it is with deep happiness that comic cons are now back. What is also back is The National or The NSCC, aka The National Sports Collectors Convention that brings together all the like-minded people who not only love sports but are also extremely fond of comic books. For those who are into sports betting, checking out 1xBet Bonus is always a good idea!

    So, to honour this particular comic con and to give you some comic book crossovers to relish, here is a carefully curated list of the top sports comic crossovers that you could ever want to read:

    • Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: This is one of the best sports based comic crossovers that you should read at least once. And who is it written by? Yes, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the top NBA scorer and champion is not only good at basketball but also an amazing writer and civil rights activist. With a focus on all things Sherlock and mystery, this comic book delves deeper into the world of Sherlock Holmes’ son, Mycroft Holmes and his thrilling world;
    • CM Punk Enters the Marvel Universe: CM Punk has really done well for himself after his retirement. Following in his wife’s footsteps, the former UFC Champion has been inducted to write a comic book in the Marvel Universe with an extra focus on Drax, who has been played to perfection by Dave Bautista in the super popular Guardians of The Galaxy. CM Punk is a well known comic book super fan and it is a fact that he created his signature “It’s Clobberin’ Time” entrance from Marvel’s The Thing. The storyline is also pretty fun when it comes to this comic book, with Drax finding himself on an outer space adventure, stranded on a planet where wrestling matches in the gladiator fashion are held;
    • Marvel x New York Giants: This collaboration has been blowing the mind of every comic book lover that you will ever know. The New York Giants and Marvel have collaborated on a 30k print run promo comic featuring the stars of the team such as Danny Dimes, Saquon Barkley and Blake Martinez. Released on the 24th of October, 2021, this comic was distributed in the Panthers vs Giants game this year with several copies making it out of the stadium on that day.

    So, now that you have a list to tickle your comic book loving fancy, why don’t you go ahead and check if you can actually lay your hands on a couple and spend your lazy winter afternoons obsessing over comics, sports and everything else in between? Maybe demand a vintage one as a Christmas gift?


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