10 Features The PS5 Is Missing

The PS5 is a great console, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect package. Even though it’s got lots of things we’d look for in a superb piece of gaming hardware – solid state drive, great controller, excellent range of games – there are still things we wish Sony had included out of the box, and some things the company doesn’t seem interested in adding a year out from release. Without further ado, here are 10 features the PS5 is missing. If you’re listening, Sony, we want to see these features added to the console soon!

1. Web browser

This feature often tops the wishlists of frustrated gamers looking for ways to view content on their console or access the internet for whatever reason. The PS5 doesn’t have a built-in web browser that’s easily accessible to gamers, so if you want to play some OnlineCasinos favourites, you’ll need to grab your laptop or play on your phone, which is a shame. The PS5 does actually have a web browser, but it’s not accessible via the console’s front end, so it’s just used for certain PS5 functions.

2. A bigger SSD

Given the incredible file sizes games can reach these days, it’s a real shame the PS5 doesn’t have a bigger SSD inside it. The storage drive doesn’t even reach a terabyte; it’s got an 825GB capacity, with some of that earmarked for the operating system, which means you’ll fill it up in no time if you’ve got six or seven triple-A games you want to play. Buying the disc version of the console mitigates this issue somewhat, but doesn’t eliminate it completely.

3. Wireless controller charging

We know that the Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch don’t have wireless controller charging capabilities either, but it’s a shame that in 2020, the PS5 wasn’t able to incorporate this charging tech into its controllers. Being able to lay the controller on top of the console and watch as it charges without cables would have been an impressive selling point, but instead, we’re limited to hooking up our controllers with USB-C cables. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but we really want to see wireless controller charging in the PS6.

4. Bluetooth audio support

The PS4’s Bluetooth support was notoriously woeful, and Sony has unfortunately elected to change pretty much nothing for the PS5 in this regard. You still can’t use your trusty Bluetooth headphones or speakers without significant effort, and even Sony’s official wireless PS5 headset connects via USB dongle. We would like to see Sony update the PS5’s firmware so that it more easily accepts Bluetooth audio, because we want to use our headphones with the console.

5. Removing Activity cards

For many gamers, the Activity cards on the PS5’s home screen are a good thing. They show how far through a particular challenge you are in a supported game, and they can help you to unlock trophies, too. However, they’re a double-edged sword, because they can just as easily provide minor spoilers for story content in games. We don’t want to know how far through a particular story chapter we are in a game, so we want the ability to remove these cards outright.

6. Themes

The PS4 allowed you to apply a custom theme to your home screen, making it feel just a little more personal and letting you reflect your gaming tastes with your UI. Unfortunately, the PS5 doesn’t have this functionality; you’re stuck with the default theme, which is fine, if a little uninspired. We’re hoping the PS5 will get custom themes at some point in the future, as we’d love to see some creative themes based on games like Demon’s Souls or Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

7. Folders

It’s frustrating that you can’t organise content on your PS5 into distinct folders, as this was something you could do on the PS4. We’d like to be able to organise games, software, and other elements of our console into folders so that we can more easily find them. A folder delineating all the games you have on PS Plus against the ones you’ve actually bought could be useful, as could organising games by genre, whether they’ve got multiplayer modes, and more.

8. Game Pass

Alright, so this is more something that’s missing from the PlayStation ecosystem as a whole than from the console itself, but since the PlayStation ecosystem is now effectively just PS5, we’re still counting it. Xbox Game Pass is a truly killer subscription service that gives you access to more than a hundred excellent games, and PS5 doesn’t have any kind of equivalent. PS Plus allows you to play the PlayStation Plus Collection on your console, but this pales in comparison to the vibrant, constantly-updated Game Pass.

9. Backwards compatibility

The PS5 can play PS4 games, but that’s all it can play. If you pick up a PlayStation Now subscription, then you can revisit games from the PS3 and PS2 era, but they’re very much just the games Sony wants you to play; you can’t access your own back catalogue through the new console. Given that the Xbox Series X is capable of playing games all the way back to the original Xbox, we’d like to see Sony do something similar. Don’t let your storied history go to waste, PlayStation!

10. Quick Resume

The Xbox Series X and Series S have a feature whereby you can effectively suspend several games and revisit them as and when you want to. While the PS5 does have a Switcher function, it’s only for starting up a recently-played game or recently-used application, and doesn’t have the same extensive functionality as Quick Resume. We want to see Sony add something like this to the PS5, as it’s clear the console is more than powerful enough to support it.


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