Five reasons why you should get into greyhound racing

When it comes to sports that aren’t necessarily the most popular, it can be hard to assess which ones are worth getting to know. However, those who follow greyhound racing will tell you that it can be one of the most entertaining and rewarding sports of all.

Those who frequent the Betdaq greyhound tips, or those who simply watch the sport for their love of it, will tell you how absorbing it can be, and once you pick a favourite to follow you can get swept away in the drama and the emotion of the events.

So, if you’ve never been to a night at the greyhound races, or if you’ve never watched the biggest races on TV or online, read on as we look at five reasons why greyhound racing is worth getting into.

The history

Few sports boast as rich a history as greyhound racing. One of the great pastimes of the working classes in the last 19th Century and early 20th Century, a night at the dog tracks was a standard way to pass an evening after a hard day’s work.

Some of the UK’s most beloved sporting venues, such as Stamford Bridge, were once renowned greyhound racing venues, and that history bleeds into the sport today.

The atmosphere

A night at the greyhound races is a unique experience. Although the sport is not quite as popular as it was all those years ago, there is a still a large number of die-hard followers who help create a special atmosphere at every venue across the country.

The best thing about heading down to the tracks is that you can tailor the evening to your own preferences. If you’d like to just sit back and watch the action unfold you can, or there’s always the option of a little flutter!

The quality

When it comes to the biggest races and events, you’ll be blown away by the speed and athleticism of the dogs on shows. Even watching on TV does not do the full experience justice, as the best in the business run at full pelt around the bends.

Racing has never been in a better place in terms of the overall standard of the competition — you only need to watch the English Greyhound Derby each year to see evidence of that.

The characters

Similar to horse racing, greyhound racing has plenty of engaging characters. Whether it’s owners who have a long history of buying the best greyhounds in the sport, or trainers who have built themselves up from nothing to become the leading figures, there’s always an interesting story to be found among the people associated with greyhound racing.

The drama

Of course, the best thing about greyhound racing is the drama it throws up. Even a dog who is considered the odds-on favourite can be pipped to the post on the day — you just never know how things are going to play out.

It’s that unpredictability that means greyhound racing will always have a loyal following, and if you’ve never experienced the sport before, we suggest you head down to your local tracks and discover what it’s all about.


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